Large Chandeliers

Large Chandeliers

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  1. Visconte Long Island 6 Light 6 Tier Chandelier - Chrome
    £1,099.00 Sale Price £1,099.00 £990.00
  2. 5 Light Chisel Prism Bar Ceiling Pendant - Smoke
    £179.00 Sale Price £179.00 £169.00
  3. Visconte Corona 14 Light Spiral Cluster Ceiling Pendant - Copper
    £1,199.00 Sale Price £1,199.00 £1,080.00
  4. Marquis by Waterford - Annalee LED 3 Light Chandelier - Chrome
    £209.00 Sale Price £209.00 £199.00
  5. Visconte Gem Conical LED 7 Light Ceiling Cluster Pendant - Chrome
    £1,099.00 Sale Price £1,099.00 £990.00
  6. Visconte Crystal Five Hoop LED Prism Bar Ceiling Pendant - Chrome & Glass
    £6,339.00 Sale Price £6,339.00 £5,706.00
  7. Visconte Monet 9 Light Petroleum Tinted Glass Ceiling Pendant
    £639.00 Sale Price £639.00 £529.00
  8. Visconte Crystal Double Hoop LED Prism Bar Ceiling Pendant - Chrome & Glass
    £1,669.00 Sale Price £1,669.00 £1,503.00
  9. Visconte Corona 20 Light Spiral Cluster Ceiling Pendant - Chrome
    £3,089.00 Sale Price £3,089.00 £2,781.00
  10. Visconte Crystal Hoop LED Prism Ceiling Pendant - Chrome and Glass
    £1,099.00 Sale Price £1,099.00 £990.00
  11. Wine Glass Chandelier - 3 Tier - Black
    £273.00 Sale Price £273.00 £201.00
  12. Visconte Long Island 24 Light 10 Tier Chandelier - Chrome
    £2,299.00 Sale Price £2,299.00 £2,070.00
  13. Visconte Corona 14 Light Spiral Cluster Ceiling Pendant - Chrome
    £1,199.00 Sale Price £1,199.00 £1,080.00
  14. Visconte Spiro Five Hoop LED Ceiling Pendant - Chrome
    £6,259.00 Sale Price £6,259.00 £5,634.00
  15. Visconte Bath 6 Light Ceiling Pendant with Crystal Droplets - Antique Brass
    £1,299.00 Sale Price £1,299.00 £1,170.00
  16. 4 Tier Wine Glass Chandelier - White
    £548.00 Sale Price £548.00 £501.00
  17. 3 Tier Dining Room Wine Glass Chandelier - White, 1 Light
    £273.00 Sale Price £273.00 £209.00

25 Items

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Creating an atmosphere within your home’s interiors is a difficult, but immensely important task, as it leads to you creating a form of tone and mood within the interiors which will offer a different feel to the room to allow the room to be more relevant and suitable for the purpose that it is intended to serve within the household. There are many ways in which you can do this, however one of the most effective and stylish ways to do so is through your lighting, as this will provide a new feel within your home thanks to the way that it will offer wonderful pools of illumination which will highlight areas of the room in a fashion that is very fashionable and effective. Each interior inside the household is sure to require a different feel, therefore requiring a variation in lighting in order to be as useful as it can for the function that it is used for. Floor lights and table lamps are perfect for giving a softer style of light to the room, which is great for producing a more relaxing environment that is comfortable and perfect for unwinding within.

Large chandeliers for your home

Bringing a bold and eye-catching image into your home is a fantastic way to give a more elegant and sophisticated effect to your interiors along with a great sense of style that is sure to improve the overall look and feel of any room. These large chandeliers are a perfect fit when it comes to producing this kind of atmosphere inside of your home, as the beautiful structures have a truly stunning appearance and hang from the ceiling in a marvellous fashion that is sure to grasp attention.

Introduce these lights into your home for the chance to give the following to your interiors:

  • a very bold and elegant image;
  • a wide spread of light that will illuminate the room spectacularly;
  • a very sophisticated atmosphere is produced.

These large chandeliers are great for homes which have lots of space in which you can create an elegant image, however not every home has this ability which is why we offer a gorgeous range of small chandeliers, which will bring the same elegant effect, in a more manageable and suitable method for your home’s needs.

Shopping with Litecraft

When you buy with us here at Litecraft, you have advice and knowledge from one of the leading UK lighting companies by your side, which is sure to make the process much easier for you. You can find hints and tips on our blog, whilst our customer service team are on hand to help with any questions you may have. Visit us online or in store today to start searching for the perfect fitting.

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