Antique Style Chandeliers

Antique Style Chandeliers

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  1. Dorothy 3 Light Two Tier Chandlier - Black Chrome & Smoke
    £120.00 Sale Price £120.00 £60.00
  2. Madonna 3 Light Dual Mount Chandelier - Antique Brass
    £189.00 Sale Price £189.00 £150.00
  3. Madonna 5 Light Dual Mount Chandelier - Antique Brass
    £259.00 Sale Price £259.00 £220.00
  4. Marie Therese 9 Light Dual Mount Chandelier with LED Bulbs - White
    £199.00 Sale Price £199.00 £109.00
  5. Marie Therese 9 Light Dual Mount Chandelier with LED Bulbs - Smoke
    £199.00 Sale Price £199.00 £109.00
  6. Marie Therese 9 Light Chandelier - White
    £199.00 Sale Price £199.00 £109.00
  7. Marie Therese 9 Light Chandelier - Smoke
    £199.00 Sale Price £199.00 £109.00
  8. Vara 5 Light Bathroom Chandelier - Chrome
    £269.00 Sale Price £269.00 £179.00
  9. Madonna Easy to Fit Antique Brass Pendant Shade
    £79.00 Sale Price £79.00 £49.00
  10. Visconte Bath 6 Light Ceiling Pendant with Crystal Droplets - Antique Brass
    £1,299.00 Sale Price £1,299.00 £1,170.00

20 Items

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Set Descending Direction

Creating a sense of tone and mood within any interior is a very difficult, but very important, part of the design process for any room as it allows for a more relevant and suitable feel for the interior, therefore resulting in a more effective environment for the purpose that is intended for the room. It is vital to find the right tone for each interior, as the wrong lighting will produce an uncomfortable and unsuitable atmosphere for the area.

The bedroom is a great example of an interior where softer lighting, such as the warm glow of a wall light, will be effective, as the comforting theme that is created will help you to unwind and relax in fantastic fashion. However, in a room such as the study you will find that a more direct style of light, like spotlights or task lamps, will be more beneficial, as it gives a clearer view of the task as hand, allowing you to complete it with greater accuracy and precision.

Antique style chandeliers fittings

These wonderful antique style chandeliers are the perfect way to bring a more elegant and traditional image to your home, as well as a very sophisticated feel which will lead to a more comforting and relaxing style of interior. Along with the fabulous aesthetic that is given to the room these fittings are also able to offer a wide and effective spread of light that will illuminate the room in a useful and easy to utilise manner.

Bringing these fittings into your home will offer the following impacts into the interiors found within:

  • a very elegant image is given to your interior;
  • a useful and effective spread of light is produced;
  • a relaxing and soothing traditional theme is given.

For a tone of elegance in your home, antique style chandeliers are an ideal choice, as they offer a gorgeous image to your home that is traditional and has a classic feel. For an alternative look which will have a more updated and modern look, our range of contemporary ceiling lights are a perfect fit, offering a great spread of light that and a very urban appearance.

Why buy with Litecraft

Here at Litecraft, we look to make the light buying process as simple as possible for all of our customers, helping to take the stress out of the situation. That’s why out customer service team is always on hand to answer any questions, whilst our expert bloggers provide constant hints and tips that are sure to revolutionise your home’s lighting. Visit us online or in one of our fantastic UK stores today to start searching for your new favourite light fitting.

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