Modern Bathroom Chandeliers

Modern Bathroom Chandeliers

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  1. Vara 5 Light Bathroom Chandelier - Chrome
    £269.00 Sale Price £269.00 £179.00
  2. Spa Pro - Brona Small 3 Light Bathroom Flush Ceiling Light - Chrome
    £149.00 Sale Price £149.00 £131.00
  3. Spa Pro - Anya Small 5 Light Bathroom Chandelier - Chrome
    £320.00 Sale Price £320.00 £186.00

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Lighting is one of the most important features for any household’s designs, bringing tone and atmosphere to your interiors which makes them a pleasant and effective space to spend your time inside of. Each interior is likely to have its own specific purpose and therefore requires a style of light that is tailored to give the right feel and illumination for this. There’s lots of different styles of lighting available for any household, so there is sure to be a suitable feature for any room. One interior which showcases the impact of the right light in the right areas perfectly is the kitchen, where you’ll have various different zones which will have different functions to serve. Your worktops and island will be used for preparing meals and chopping, so you’ll need clear and bright light to ensure that you chop with accuracy, saving your fingers from a nasty cut! Our range of kitchen island lights will bring an ideal style of light to your kitchen worktops for a more effective theme. On the other hand, the dining area is a space where a softer and more comforting tone is required on order to produce the right ambience for an elegant and romantic meal with a partner. You can utilise wall lights in these area, as the soft glow will give a relaxing feel to the room.

Modern bathroom chandeliers

The lights that you choose to utilise inside of the bathroom must be specifically protected for use in the conditions that are present, with the moisture posing a real danger to lights which aren’t designed for bathroom use. At Litecraft you’ll find an entire range of lights tailor made for these areas, offering safe and stylish light, including fittings in all of the following styles:

  • ceiling lighting;
  • spotlights and recessed lights;
  • chandeliers;
  • wall lights;
  • mirror lights.

These modern chandeliers are the perfect fittings for giving a gorgeous shine to your bathroom interior, which is safe and suitable for the conditions. The chandeliers will bring a contemporary elegance to your bathrooms, giving a sophisticated tone to the interior.

Why buy with Litecraft

When you shop here at Litecraft you’re giving the opportunity to utilise the guidance and advice of our helpful staff, who are sure to aid you in your quest for the perfect home lighting solutions! You can browse our range and chat to us both online and in store, so there’s always a way to shop with us. For a little extra inspiration before you start your search, check out our fabulous blog page!

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