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LED Bathroom Lights

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  1. Marquis by Waterford - Annalee LED Wall Light - Chrome
    £110.00 Sale Price £110.00 £74.00
  2. 5 Pack of IP65 Rated GU10 Tiltable Circular Downlighter - Chrome
    £95.00 Sale Price £95.00 £48.00
  3. Bredon LED Bathroom Mirror Touch Sensitive Wall Light - Chrome
    £192.00 Sale Price £192.00 £160.00
  4. Leith LED Bathroom Mirror Wall Light with Shaving Socket - Chrome
    £149.00 Sale Price £149.00 £124.00
  5. Spa Pro - Anya LED 3 Light Chandelier - Chrome
    £209.00 Sale Price £209.00 £199.00
  6. Marquis by Waterford Bandon LED 5 Arm Bathroom Chandelier - Chrome
    £210.00 Sale Price £210.00 £141.00
  7. 2 Pack of Skipton LED Mini Globe Wall Light - Chrome
    £36.00 Sale Price £36.00 £35.00
  8. Bathroom Wall Light Marquis by Waterford - Moy LED 3 Light Chrome
    £309.00 Sale Price £309.00 £129.00
  9. 2 Pack of IP65 Rated GU10 Tiltable Circular Downlighter - White
    £30.00 Sale Price £30.00 £19.00

Items 65-96 of 140

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Bathroom lighting can be a very tricky task to get right as there are several factors that go into this and getting them to work together in a small environment can be a hard task to achieve. Ambient lighting is essential to light a whole bathroom, however, when you’re having a relaxing bath you may want to incorporate mood lighting for a more comfortable tone to the room.

Task lighting is also a necessity, as daily tasks such as washing your face, shaving and applying make-up all need specific task lighting. We recommend balancing these aspects out. Perhaps have a statement ambient light piece to create a point of interest in a mostly boring room, but at the same time, have a nice mirror light able to light up your face while completing your morning routine, and also incorporate a wall lamp into the room which will give off a more subtle, warm light creating a cosy environment for your bath nights. 

LED Bathroom Lighting

LED bathroom lights are an amazing alternative to your traditional lighting fixtures. At Litecraft, we have an amazing range of LED bathroom lights including integrated LED fittings, LED ceiling lights and LED wall lights that provide countless benefits, such as:

  • being more energy efficient
  • lowering your monthly electricity bills
  • longer lifespans
  • more colour variants

Making the switch to LED may be daunting to some, but we assure you this small change will benefit you endlessly, as well as give you far more variations of lighting that you can choose from to light your bathrooms and save money on your electricity bills. 

The Litecraft Experience

Buying from Litecraft is one of the best experiences you will have with a retailer. In our over 60 years of service, we have satisfied thousands of customers with our care and our honest and knowledgeable approach to lighting. We offer one of the best customer experiences, ensuring you are completely happy with every step along the way, all the way up to the end point.

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