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Vintage Light Bulbs

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The vintage, industrial style is so fashionable right now, you can walk into a bar and find great luminescence from vintage light bulbs. These quirky and retro squirrel cage designs really reminisce the mid-century halogen bulbs. But with technological advances in lighting, you can now find longer lasting LED bulbs! Exposed filament bulbs really bring a unique style to a room which is both attractive and stylish too. Pair these with our braided cables for that extra pop of colour and personality.

Vintage Style Bulbs

Vintage filament light bulbs are the future of retro. They bring a decorative charm to any room with a warm and nostalgic glow. But whilst you can pair these with our braided cables, why not use these in the exterior of your property with outdoor lanterns and other fixtures. This will assist in creating that ambient, inviting hue to the entrance of the home. Here’s why you should consider dotting vintage filament light bulbs around you home:

  • emit warm, ambient and inviting lighting;
  • it’s quirky and retro style;
  • can be used for the exterior as well as interior;
  • LED filament bulbs are available for longer lasting lifespan.

Almost every trendy bar, pub, café and restaurant is filled with vintage light bulbs which create the warm and welcoming atmosphere. When dimmed they look absolutely mesmerising and hard to resist the atmospheric glow. These bulbs are crafted in the same way that traditional bulbs had been for hundreds of years, from blown glass. Which is highly artistic and brings an old fashioned element. These bulbs along with existing fixtures will look great above the dining table and on the exterior of the home.

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