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How to control your home lighting from your Smartphone

How to control your home lighting from your Smartphone

Smartphones and tablets are becoming an essential part of our everyday lives. Firstly, we used them to watch TV, pay bills, track our fitness, listen to music and much more. However, did you know that smartphones can also be used to revolutionize our homes?

However, thanks to the latest technology, home lighting is becoming more interactive and can now be controlled from our devices. Furthermore, gone are the days of a simple light bulb and wall switch; lighting is now becoming a connected accessory that interacts with our lives and our living space.

Philips Hue - Connected lighting

Colour changing smartphone light bulbs

Philips Hue is the future of home lighting. This range of smart LED light bulbs and lamps can be controlled by a downloadable app on your smartphone or tablet. Hue and Hue Lux light bulbs are a simple way to get started with connected lighting. To connect your Philips Hue bulbs to your smartphone or tablet, follow these steps:

1. Screw in your light bulbs and turn them on via your wall switch or plug

1. Each Hue starter pack comes with a Philips Hue bridge; Connect the bridge to your Wi-Fi modem using the cable included

3. Download the free Philips app to your smartphone or tablet

4. Using the app, search for your bridge and connect to your light bulbs

5. Once connected, you can start using the apps many features

With this connected technology, you get full control over your home lighting. The range of Hue light bulbs can be used in any ceiling light fitting or lamp, so you can hook up your whole house with interactive light. Use the app to dim the lights or brighten them to create the perfect mood lighting. The app allows you to choose the optimal light for reading, relaxing, concentrating, or create your own personalised lighting scheme. You can also improve your home security by turning your lights on and off or setting timers via the Philips app when you’re away from home. This clever technology makes dimmer switches and timer plugs a thing of the past.

App controlled mood lighting

philips connected mood lighting

Take interactive lighting to the next level with coloured mood lighting. You can give your home a colourful makeover with Philips Hue light bulbs and colour-changing table lamps. These amazing lamps can also be controlled via any smartphone or tablet with the Philips Hue app.

As well as connected light bulbs, Philips have released a range of app-controlled lamps. The Iris table lamp (above) is compact and provides a spectrum of 16 million colours to play with. There is also the stylish Bloom table lamp which features a contemporary design and can also be controlled via a smartphone or tablet. Philips have even designed an interactive and flexible LED strip called Light Strips which can be placed under kitchen cabinets and shelves and controlled at the touch of your device.

Coloured lighting is the perfect way to create ambience in a room and transform a space. It can even change the way you feel. With the app, choose from a huge spectrum of colours or create a palette inspired by your favourite picture or photo. You can create anything from a single bulb colour to a whole house filled with different hues, the choice is yours.


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