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A Guide to Home Office Lighting

Our guide to home office lighting includes everything you need to know about how to choose office lighting.

Office lighting can go a long way towards increasing productivity. Poor lighting can lower morale, cause eye strain and headaches and prevent your ability to work effectively. Choosing the right lighting will create a happy and healthy environment for you to work in.

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How to light your home office

Home offices can benefit from layered lighting. A layered lighting scheme combines ambient lighting, task lighting and accent lighting to make the most of a room and provide the best lighting solution possible.

Ambient lighting: Ambient lighting in an office will usually come from a ceiling light. Whether you choose a pendant light or a spotlight bar, always consider the location of the light in relation to your furniture. Avoid placing a bright light directly in front of the desk, as it could cause glare on the computer screen and cause unwanted shadows. Similarly, a light directed straight at you could be distracting and hard to work with. Choose indirect light that is diffused evenly around the room. Lamp shades can help to create a softer light, whilst uplighters and spotlights can bounce light off the ceiling and walls.

Task Lighting:  Task lighting is an office essential. For reading, computer work and other office related tasks, you need a focused light source that can be directed exactly where you need it.  An adjustable task lamp or a wall spotlight are both perfect for this.

 Accent Lighting: Accent lighting is often used to complement other light sources in an office. LED strip lighting can be placed around shelves and cabinets to make finding things easier and to create an interesting decorative feature. Or why not add a picture wall light above your favourite piece of art for some inspiration.

 Ceiling Lights

office lighting ceiling light

There are many different options for ceiling lights in an office. An easy fit lamp shade or a glass semi-flush light will provide you with a diffused source of light for a comfortable working environment. On the other hand, recessed downlights and spotlights can be positioned to provide light where it is needed, over workspaces and desks.

To choose a ceiling light for your office, think about what you need from your office lighting. Do you want bright, focused beams of light or a softer, more diffused and even illumination?

Desk Lamps

home office lighting desk lamp

A good desk lamp is a vital addition to your home office. Every office needs a desk lamp or two to create a pleasant working space and prevent eye strain and headaches. Angle poise lamps and flexi neck lamps can be adjusted and moved to provide focused lighting right where you need it, for reading, writing and other office activities. Place a task lamp on your desk, a work table or any other area where you may need task lighting.

Wall Lights

office lighitng wall lights

For an extra level of illumination, wall spotlights can be cleverly positioned near or behind your workspace to provide direct task lighting. This is a particularly good idea in offices where desk space is limited. Picture wall lights can be placed above piece of wall art, photos or charts to highlight and illuminate them.

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