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A Guide to Bathroom Lighting

Our Bathroom Lighting Guide will tell you everything you need to know about illuminating your bathroom

Although it’s often the smallest room in the house, the bathroom is one of the most functional and well used areas. So bathroom lighting needs careful consideration.

Creating a bathroom lighting scheme

Whether you're lighting a new bathroom or updating an existing one. Layered lighting is a great way to create a bathroom lighting scheme that is practical and versatile.

The main source of ambient lighting in the bathroom usually comes from ceiling lights. Therefore, this needs to cast a bright light and provide good visibility. Furthermore, this can be complimented by extra task lighting such as spot lights or mirror lights. For instance, it can shed light on specific areas to help with tasks such as shaving and applying makeup.

Very bright bathroom lighting can be too harsh and sterile for those times that you want to lay back. Therefore, relax and enjoy a nice hot bubble bath. For these occasions, a layer of accent lighting can create a calm and welcoming environment. Furthermore, accent lighting can also show off beautiful bathroom features such as a beautiful sink or a statement bath tub. More so, you can even create beautiful visual effects with hidden strip lighting and LEDs.

Bathroom Ceiling Lights


Ceiling lights are often the main source of lighting in a bathroom. The bathroom is an area of activity, where we get ready in the morning, apply make-up, have a close shave and brush our teeth. A ceiling light should be bright enough to illuminate the whole room with a practical and even level of light.

For safety reasons, bathroom ceiling lights should be positioned away from splashing water. Semi-flush and flush bathroom ceiling lights are a popular choice for bathrooms as they sit close to the ceiling, away from water. However, Litecraft also stock a range of stylish bathroom chandeliers, which are IP safety rated, for a more decadent look.

Bathroom Ceiling Lights with Extractor Fan

Bathrooms are often subjected to high levels of moisture and lack of ventilation. Over time this can cause such problems as damp and mould. Even if your bathroom has a window, you can’t keep it open at all times to ensure constant air movement.

Bathroom extractor fans are a great option to keep your bathroom feeling fresh and reduce the levels of moisture in the air. The latest addition to our extended bathroom lighting range is our bathroom ceiling lights with extractor fan. We currently offer 4 striking designs for you to choose from. The in-built extractor fan will get rid of stale air and the stylish lights will add an eye-catching contemporary ambience to the room. All of our extractor lights are IP44 rated for safe bathroom use.

SPA-LUM-26136-CHR (6)


Recessed Downlights and Spotlights


Bathroom downlights have a clean and modern look which makes them perfect for bathroom lighting. Spacing downlights across the bathroom ceiling will create a bright, even and shadow free source of light.

Adjustable bathroom spotlights are a practical solution that can be directed and focused on the most important areas of the bathroom, such as the sink or the bath tub.

When planning your bathroom lighting, don’t forget about the shower. A spotlight or downlight inside the shower cubicle is a great way to illuminate this often forgotten area.

Bathroom Wall Lights


Wall lights are a great way to add accent lighting to your bathroom. When you want to create a more subtle, relaxed vibe, simple switch the main source of light for softer wall lighting. Wall lights are perfect for providing soft lighting when you want to unwind at the end of the day and enjoy a relaxing bubble bath.

Bathroom wall lights can also be used in addition to ambient lighting to provide focused task lighting. When mounted near a mirror, wall lights will provide extra bright illumination so you can see clearly.

Bathroom Mirror Lights


 Mirror lights are a great addition to bathroom task lighting. Every bathroom needs a mirror for daily activities such as shaving, brushing teeth and applying makeup.  An LED bathroom mirror will provide a bright and practical source of illumination right where you need it. Bathroom mirror wall lights will also bounce light around the room, making small bathrooms appear larger.

Safety advice for bathroom lighting

Due to the amount of water and steam in a bathroom, when it comes to choosing lighting there are safety guidelines you should follow. The bathroom is divided into 3 zones. Each zone requires a minimum IP (Ingress Protection rating) for lighting to be considered safe. The diagram below outlines the 3 safety zones of bathroom lighting.

 safety advice for bathroom lighting

 Zone 0: Zone 0 consists of any area inside the bath or shower. Because of the high amount of water in these zones, all light fittings inside zone 0 should be low voltage (12v maximum) and rated at least IP67 which is total emersion proof.

Zone 1: Zone 1 is the area above the bath and extends to a height of 2.25 metres from the floor. For this zone, a minimum of IP44 is required.

Zone 2: Zone 2 is the area 0.6 metres outside the perimeter of the bath and 2.25 metres from the floor. A rating of IP44 is required in zone 2.

All areas outside these zones are called outside zome or no zone areas. Although there are no safety guidelines for these areas, water and steam can still affect lighting so we suggest a minimum rating of IP44 to be safe.

When buying lighting for your bathroom, make sure to check the IP rating of each product on our product pages. Litecraft have a range of IP44 and IP67 rated lighting designed for use in a bathroom, including bathroom ceiling lights and wall lights.

How to install bathroom lighting

Bathroom lighting often comes into close contact with water, so it is important that it is fitted well and complies to safety standards. For safety reasons, we strongly recommend that you contact a qualified electrician to install your bathroom lighting.

View our full range of bathroom lighting available at Litecraft here.

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