The self-proclaimed most romantic day of the year is almost here. It's the perfect excuse to bring out the pretty pinks and bold reds to turn your home into a sultry love-nest Set the mood this Valentine's day with some romantic lighting and beautiful accessories. We have hand-picked some stunning Crimson Kisses inspired pieces to light the spark in your interiors.

romantic lighting valentines day interiors

Make your bedroom look extra chic this Valentine's, whether it's to impress your partner or simply to treat yourself. Adding lush satin bedding, light and airy curtains and some romantic lighting fixtures in rich red tones will add that sensual luxury feel. Our Replica Circa 1949 Ceiling Pendant in red is inspired by floral designs and will bring a pop of colour to any room.

A bedside table lamp should be a must have for any bedroom, a stylish and practical choice for late night reading or setting a cosy atmosphere. Our new Ceramic table lamp with white fabric shade and edgy ceramic base is great for adding a stylish feminine touch to your room. This trendy light is also available in grey and aqua finishes for those of you who aren't that found of the pretty pinks.

Want a change in your bedroom decor, but nothing too dramatic? How about replacing those clear crystals on your bedroom chandelier with some lavish red ones? A simple change like that can change the whole look of the room. Our Red Almond crystals are available in 3 different sizes allowing you to redecorate your chandelier in various ways. These little gems will definitely add a romantic touch to the interior.

Create a lovely atmosphere in your bedroom throughout the year with some mood-lighting. Our Philips LED colour changing table lamp allows you to choose the perfect hue to match your mood and interior. Soft pinks & reds for a romantic atmosphere, cooler blues for a more relaxed feeling. All you have to do is just pick the colour and let the light transform the look of your room.

Are you a lover of all things sophisticated? We got you covered. Our stunning Marie Therese chandeliers are one of our bestsellers. For a romantic look we suggest our Marie Therese 5 light chandelier in white that will fill your room with soft and sophisticated ambience.

If you think that a chandelier might be just a bit too much for your bedroom interior, go for something that's a bit more subtle in design, whilst remaining elegant. Our Amarah 5 light ceiling pendant features an off white spiral cut pattern shade with beautiful square acrylic crystal droplets, that will sparkle and shine when lit.

Finish the whole romantic look of your bedroom decor with some decorative cushions in pink or red. Our Venus range cushions are a great choice for adding a touch of femininity and charm to your bedroom.

Let us know what are your top picks this Valentine's Day in comments below.