2017 is the year of ‘Lagom’. A Swedish way of living that is slowly creeping into homes across the UK. Like ‘Hygge’, Lagom has no direct translation but sits somewhere between contentment and practicality. The idea that just the right amount of anything is just enough. Decluttering your lifestyle and home is a key ‘Lagomism’ and one notion that we’re going to look at today, in particular using this concept with home office lighting.


Home Offices are becoming more and more popular these days. So what better room to declutter and ‘Lagomify’ than this little corner of the home. Lagom inspired home offices are all about keeping things to a minimum. Not allowing a space to be too consuming and having just the right amount of possessions, furniture and lighting to promote an easy yet practical work space.


We’ve picked 7 Lagom inspired home office lighting including ceiling lights and desk lamps. That we know will help create a less consuming and healthier work environment.


  1. Cage Oval Easy to Fit
  2. Scissor Industrial Style Table Lamp
  3. Pelvoux Studio Task Lamp in Brushed Chrome
  4. Eyeball Table Lamp in White
  5. Skula Table Lamp
  6. Geometric Drum Easy to fit in Grey
  7. LED Discus Task Lamp in Chrome


7 Lagom inspired home office lighting

Cage Oval Easy to Fit - Adding symmetrical and simple clean lines to an interior will immediately bring a light and airy feeling to the room. Geometrical designs are continuing to dominate the world of interiors. Which is why our Cage Oval Easy to Fit Ceiling Shade is at the top of this week’s top picks post. A slender structure of chrome Geometrical designs comes together to create a simple cage that can be easily fitted over your existing light bulb. A quick and effect way to add a simple lighting solution.

Scissor Industrial Style Table Lamp – One of the main concepts of Lagom is about creating a stress-free environment through the use of key possessions. Adjustable Desk lamps are a prime possession to have included within a home office lighting scheme. Being able to direct light onto specific areas with just the bend of an arm will help with certain office tasks. Whilst also preventing the risk of eyestrain and fatigue. Our Scissor Industrial Style Table Lamp features a nostalgic scissor mechanism. Giving this piece a quirky yet practical feature. This style of mechanism allows the lamp to be lengthened when in use and shortened when not. A great way to prevent cluttering work surfaces.

Pelvoux Studio Task Lamp in Brushed Chrome – A large scope of light that gives a strong wash of illumination over a specific work surface will promote a healthy and safer working environment. And home offices are no exception. Choose a desk lamp with a wide lamp head such as our Pelvoux range. The added feature of a swivel head allows a more directional illumination giving you the perfect pool of light. This range also comes with an adjustable and tilting arm mechanism for more ease.

Eyeball Table Lamp - For small work surfaces choose a more compact table lamp such as our Eyeball design. This little gem of a light features a glossy white finish. Combined with a chrome inner which emphasises the illumination when lit. The compact design will give a decluttered and clean look to work surfaces. The perfect antidote for a Lagom inspired home office.

Skula Table Lamp – For a simple and quick home office update go for our Skula range. A contemporary collection of affordable lamps that will add a quick pop of colour and practicality. This range features a simple A-line head design which gives a large scope of illumination whilst an in-line switch features for ease. Choose from a striking black finish or if you’re crushing over the greenery trend choose our eye-popping green option.

Geometric Drum Easy to fit in Grey – For a functional and classy home office you should include a layering system when choosing your home office lighting scheme. Ambient lighting should be used to give a wash of illumination over the whole of the room whilst accent lighting can then be layered below for more specific light over surface areas. Ambient lighting can be created with the use of pendant and ceiling fittings that feature a wide head such as drum pendants and drum shades.  Our Geometric Drum Easy to fit combines both an on-trend design as well as a practical drum shade. Fit over your existing bulb preferably in the centre of the room to give a maximum wash of illumination.

LED Discus Task Lamp in Chrome – Another key concept of adopting a Lagom lifestyle is choosing more wisely when purchasing items. Energy saving is one of the top ideas to follow. Cutting down the amount of energy you use is vital for a Lagom way of life. So swap you usual lighting schemes for LED lighting instead. Such as our Discus Table Lamp. This is a super-efficient lamp that boasts integrated LED bulbs. A space saving sleek design and a handy adjustable flexi arm.

Are you a fan of this new trend?