Environment is key when replicating an industrial interior. A rustic backdrop such as a warehouse, barn or rustic building is key. Realistically, not all of us live in an industrial home or rustic farm house style abode. However, replicating this stripped back design is simple with a few key lighting and accessory designs. Seek inspiration from old designs such as factories, look at lighting in railway stations and old fishing ports for inspiration. Artisan style focuses on good craftsmanship and quality techniques, robust designs with a laid back rustic finish. Artisan designs are usually one of a kind but with the rise in industrial interior, high street home ware store are creating industrial designs for domestic and commercial use.

The use of iron and metal designs in our homes creates a desirable and trendy look. Also, introducing nickel and a heavy dose of copper will give and organic edge to your home. We've picked our top Artisan Style Lighting that is ideal for an industrial chic interior.

Top Picks : Artisan Style Lighting

Top Picks : Artisan Style Lighting

1. Caged lighting just screams industrial delight, a chance to feature an exposed bulb is a must for any industrial interior, and caged lighting is your answer. Caged lighting creates a stripped back and raw feature for the home. Our Haddon Pendant Ceiling Light Cage is the epitome of raw edgy design, featuring a curved caged shade in a coffee bean finish. Finish off this piece with one of our Squirrel cage bulbs in gold tint to add a warm ambience.

2. Mix up the caged style with some stunning spherical chicness. Our Beaumont Pendant Ceiling Light features a caged design in a global shape, one single bulb is exposed inside for a stripped back appeal. The stark satin chrome finish creates a utility feeling whilst the design offers a unique statement look.

3. To add warmth and ambience, copper and bronze finished with a rustic edge will always be a winner. Thanks to designers such as Tom Dixon for putting copper back on the map, we're seeing this finish more and more in home ware stores around the country. Mixed together with organic features such as stained wood furniture and concrete surface this metal is ideal for an industrial interior. Our Caged Pendant Ceiling Light is a trendy line that features a unique bell-shaped design and is finished in a warm copper. The cage characteristic adds to the industrial appeal, finis this off with a squirrel cage bulb. For a statement piece, hang multiples of this fitting over breakfast bars and kitchen islands.

4. Compliment our Caged Copper Pendants with the Genie Table Lamp Base in Copper. Also finished in a stunning warm copper metal, the Genie Table Lamp Shade and base features a bulbous base and a large dark shade with a copper interior. When lit the shade gives a diffused copper glow that reflects off the base creating a large scope of light. This is a mood enhancing fitting that will add ambience and a warm glow to your industrial interiors.

5. Worn copper finishes will increase the rustic feel for any home. This style of finish adds an earthy and organic tone. Our Logan Pendant Ceiling Light features a worn copper exterior with a white interior which gives a greater scope of illumination when lit. The simple structure is ideal for a contemporary interior. Hang low over a breakfast bar or dining table for a unique feature.

6. We're still lusting over our little Squirrel Cage Bulbs here at Litecraft HQ, a sense of nostalgia and old charm mixed with an industrial edge makes these little gems ideal for an Artisan inspired interior. With the arrival of our Braided Cables back in May you can now display these bulbs in such a way that your guests will think they're in a trendy cafe as oppose to your homely kitchen.

7. Tripod style designs have made a come back over recent years. The craftsmanship used to create a tripod mechanism and especially industrial designs shows quality and robustness. Our Paramount Industrial Tripod Table Lamp showcases all these qualities. Featuring a barrel shaped head that can be tilted and rotated to direct the light to a specific spot in the room. The three legs can be adjusted in height to allow more scope of illumination. Place in the corner of a room to light up forgotten areas or against a tall window as a feature point in the room.