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  1. Add a Warm Sparkle with our New Normandy Lighting Collection
    Add a warm sparkle with our new Normandy Lighting Collection Sometimes a little goes a long way and in the world of interiors; lighting is no exception. For a subtle ambience choose a slimline pendant with a mini shade perched on the end. Our new Normandy lighting collection offers just the right amount of light to give a subtle yet effective and...
  2. Cluster Ceiling Pendants for Hallways and Stairwells
    Cluster Ceiling Pendants for Hallways and Stairwells Cluster ceiling pendants are everywhere, in the last few years this trend has moved from high end commercial settings into homes across the country. Home-owners are becoming more daring and adventurous with their interiors and lighting schemes. Choosing trends and themes that reflect their own personality as opposed to generic everyday fittings. Cluster...

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