3 Light Floral Shade Cluster Pendant - Cream

As the weather starts to cool and evenings get darker, it’s clear that autumn is well and truly here, and with that comes cosy nights in, chunky knit blankets and pumpkin spiced lattes. We’ve all been spending more time at home this year and as the cooler and darker evenings start to set in, we’ll undoubtedly be doing it for a bit longer, so even more reason to embrace some of this season’s most popular interior trends. One of our favourites which has certainly taken off over the last few months is the cottagecore trend. Increasing in popularity through the likes of Instagram and Pinterest, especially during lockdown, the trend is all about warm, earthy tones, neutral colour palettes and natural elements - in short, the perfect trend to bring into your home this autumn. 

6 Watt E27 LED 200mm Dimmable Oversized Vintage Globe Bulb - Amber

So, what is it that caused cottagecore to gain so much popularity during lockdown? One theory is that spending more time at home has got us all thinking about the things that are most important to us, craving a more simplistic lifestyle. Indeed, this is one trend that likes to make the most of natural materials, combining them with a whimsical, nostalgic twist to create a quintessentially British look. There are plenty of ways you can invite this charming trend into your home and today we’re looking at how you can do so via your lighting choices. We’ve rounded up some of our favourite products inspired by the cottagecore trend, along with a few style tips to help you make the most of it. 

Natural Elements

At the heart of the cottagecore trend is a focus on simplicity, making use of what we already have and embracing natural materials such as wood. Some designers have also said that the trend draws parallels with arts and crafts, putting an emphasis on sustainable pieces that have an ‘upcycled’ feel. Achieve this look with this pair of Bottle Table Lamps - the addition of fairy lights in each glass bottle adds a beautiful, warm and twinkly glow to any room, bringing an instant cosy feeling with it. 

Pair of Bottle Table Lamps with Cork - Clear

Rustic Inspiration

The inviting and charming aesthetic that comes with cottagecore draws a lot of inspiration from rustic country cottages, where we all aspire to spend a cosy autumn evening! This Carter 15 Light Industrial Cartwheel Ceiling Pendant is ideal for creating a classic vintage look and will make a gorgeous focal point in any home. While it bears elements of the industrial trend, the antique bronze colouring paired with the warm vintage light bulbs make the perfect combination that truly brings out the best of the cottagecore trend.  

Carter 15 Light Vintage Style Industrial Cartwheel Ceiling Pendant - Rust

Quirky Nostalgia

Another feature of the cottagecore trend is the addition of vintage elements to bring in some quirky finishing touches. This Bell Jar Table Light is one of our favourite pieces - the dark wood base and copper string lights paired with the unique bird design on top of the glass jar creates an eclectic piece that’s full of character and will bring some personality to any room. When it comes to vintage elements, there’s also no harm in bringing in some soft florals too - such as this 3 Light Floral Shade Cluster Pendant. The simple cream colour keeps things looking soft and clean, while the floral print inside the shades injects a pop of colour along with plenty of personality. Bring together with a vintage light bulb and this is the perfect way to create that warm, cosy glow. Similarly, if you want to continue the floral theme, this Flower Shade Vintage Floor Lamp will be a glorious feature in any room. Featuring a soft pastel colour palette on the shade, this antique style lamp is a great choice for adding a touch of colour to neutral decor, but it will also make a fabulous addition when paired with similar colours too. The rich antique brass also helps to create a vintage feel, making it the perfect choice for creating that rustic look. 

Vintage Bulbs

We’ve already mentioned it a few times but one of the key aspects to nailing the cottagecore look is by opting for lighting that helps create a cosy, warm glow. One of the best ways to do this is by going for vintage style light bulbs. They’re a hugely popular choice when it comes to vintage and industrial style decor, creating a rustic and nostalgic feel. Additionally, they emit a warm and inviting glow so they’re the perfect choice for anyone wanting to easily nail the cottagecore trend.

6 Watt E27 LED 160mm Dimmable Oversized Pear Bulb - Amber

Plenty of Texture

Textured decor is often a great way to make a space feel cosier and inviting, which is why it seems to fit in well with the cottagecore look. It’s incredibly easy to bring texture into your interior decor, whether it’s in the form of wallpaper prints, furniture, cushions, blankets or even smaller knick knacks. Surprisingly, you can also do this with your lighting styles - opting for textured bases on table and floor lamps, textured shades and even with smaller pieces of mood lighting. We love these 3 Light Cup Table Lamps, an eclectic mix of styles that are incredibly versatile and will instantly add charm to any room, complementing cosy autumn evenings on the sofa perfectly. 

Style Tips

So you’ve got the lighting inspiration, but what else can you perfect the cottagecore trend? While it generally favours a neutral colour palette, don’t be afraid to pair it with warmer colours too. Whether you opt for warmer colours on your walls, furniture or even more subtle notes in cushions or ornaments, this will really help to create the cosy, autumnal vibe that the trend captures so perfectly. 

Alternatively, botanical prints can also work well with this trend. Remember- it’s all about simplicity and natural materials! You could create a feature wall with a botanical print wallpaper, or again, add some subtle features in the form of soft furnishings. Even better, why not go for the real thing and bring some greenery into your room with a gorgeous, leafy plant?

Bell Jar Table Light - Dark Wood & Copper

Finally, if you really favour the vintage style and want to bring this in further with your decor, feminine style fabrics can be a wonderful way to complement the neutral colours and really bring out the rustic, country cottage look. Think floral printed cushions, chunky knit blankets, and perhaps even a few vintage pieces of furniture!

There’s no denying that cottagecore is one of the biggest and most popular interior trends, and we’re 100% here for it. It’s a look that’s easily achievable, versatile and is the perfect way to get your home ready for cosy autumn evenings. We hope we’ve given you plenty of inspiration on how you can create this look in your home but for plenty more tips, be sure to follow our blog and socials!

Written by Amy Jackson - Content and Features Writer at Discount Promo Codes