One of our newest arrivals is our Timmy Range, a selection of practical lamps in glossy coloured finishes. This range is a first for us at Litecraft as it includes exciting and on trend clip on spotlight designs. Clip On spotlights are ideal for busy family homes, the practical element is ideal as they can be attached to almost any surface in any room with the exception of bathrooms, wet-rooms and outdoors, there isn't much that these little handy guys can't light up. The spotlight feature allows the lamps to give off a large focused pool of light onto a specific area, this directional light will help illuminate hard to reach areas.


If you're a fan of DIY and spend a lot of time in the garage our Timmy clip on spotlights can be easily attached to shelving and under car bonnets giving a direct light to help with concentration. The industrial style colours will also compliment most garage and warehouse interiors.

Alternatively if you're after a light for night-time reading but lack the space for a table lamp and bedside table then a clip on spotlight can help. Just simply clip onto a headboard or bed frame and direct the light onto your book and use as a reading light.

Clip on lights for kitchens

Kitchens are our busiest room in the house and sometimes there's not even enough room to swing a cat. So when it come to lighting it needs to be a practical and space saving, that's where our clip lights come in. If you're preparing food and need light directed onto a chopping board then these little gems can easily clip to shelving above preparation stations. If you're baking and reading from a recipe book then simply attach the lamp to the corner of the book and hey presto you have your own mobile reading lamp. The lamps provide a safe element which is important for any kitchen environment.

Another room that will benefit from out Timmy clip on spotlights is home utility rooms, these rooms are often small and cramped with little natural light coming in. Due to the size of the rooms we recommend recessed and spotlight lamps to save space. Clip on spotlights are ideal for clipping onto shelving, direct the light down onto surfaces or up onto the shelving area to guide you to your domestic appliances.

Clip onto the side of laptops and computer screens

When it comes to these wonderful little lamps we couldn't leave out the kids, our Timmy range including our task lamp selection will come in handy during exam time and homework sessions. Clip onto the side of laptops and computer screens, the light will give a soft glow over the keyboard, preventing eye strain and headaches. Attach to revision books for a mobile light or again to the bedpost or headboard for some night time revision. If you're doing something creative such as crafty needlework, sewing or painting which requires a lot of detail and concentration you'll need a good focused pool of light, attach the lamps to canvases and art easels. Check out our gift guide if you have a gadget geek that you know.

Clip On spotlights aren't just for practical purposes, they can be used for decorative purposes too. Use the lamps to emphasise dark areas of the home and forgotten corners, clip onto units and shelves to light up ornaments. Clip onto the edge of artwork to highlight wall features.

Check out our Pinterest Board for more ideas on clip on spotlights.