When it comes to statement lighting, we only give you the best. Dazzling cut glass detail, sturdy stainless steel structures in beautiful finishes. Indulge yourself this Christmas with our new contemporary lighting collection. Our new Goblet Wine Glass range is the epitome of class and sophistication. Featuring a polished chrome finish, circular slim cones encased half in stainless steel chrome and half cut glass in a lattice effect. This range is sure to add that pièce de résistance to your home, just in time for the New Year celebrations. Each glass goblet resembles its namesake, a slender wine glass style hanging from a thin suspension cable which gives the added illusion that each piece is floating mid-air.

New Goblet Wine Glass Range

V20-VIS1017_2 UNCROP



This stunning range is available in 4 luxury ceiling options each designed to suit a particular sized space and surrounding and comes with a complimenting wall light to complete the look.

If you have a large dining area or a kitchen with an island or breakfast bar then choosing a bar pendant is key. A fitting that stretches across a large area will give more illumination, ideal for cooking, preparing and eating stations. Bar pendants are also great conversational pieces, great as a talking point when you have guests over. Most can be adjusted in height too to suit the interior space. Our Goblet Bar Pendant boasts 5 crystal effect glass goblets that hang from sleek adjustable cables. Each separate wire can be adjusted to create your own style of fitting, whether you keep them all parallel or alternate each length this fitting will work wonders for your interior. When lit each crystal glass holder gives a beautiful glow of light.


Goblet 5 Light Bar New Collection


Hallways and high staircases will benefit from spiral and cluster style ceiling fittings, fittings that cascade down in a cluster fashion through several floors or can be hung high whilst still giving an illuminating impact. Our Goblet Cluster Ceiling Pendant does just that, three adjustable wires suspended from a circular plate showcase the beautiful glass holders perfectly. Adjust each cable dependent on your ceiling height and voila you’ve created a warm and welcoming greeting for your reception area.




If a cluster light is a little too dramatic for you then take a look at our single pendant option.



For reading snugs, basements or just generally low ceiling-ed rooms we’d recommended opting for a flush or semi flush style fitting. You can create all the dazzle and delight of a pendant but in a more compact design. Our Goblet Wine Glass Flush Ceiling Light is a dainty little addition to this collection. Three crystal glass holders sit snug against a chrome plate, the mirror finish creates double the illumination which more than makes up for the size. Again, a lattice glass design gives a sparkling glow that’s bounces around the room when lit.





Completing this stunning collection is our Goblet Single Wall Light, variety is essential when you’re lighting a room. Creating pools of light around a room with the use of accent lighting will give the illusion of more space whilst also enhancing and highlighting forgotten corners. Wall lamps are a prime example of accent lighting, they can light up alcoves and reading nooks, give illumination to wall art and photo-frames and look great twinned with a matching ceiling pendant. Our Goblet Single Wine Glass Wall Light offers a simple crystal and Chrome holder perched against a chrome plate. This beautiful fitting really resembles a wine glass goblet as if topped with bubbling champagne. When lit this fitting will offer a subtle ambience to any room and completes this collection perfectly.