When it's time for a new crystal chandelier; it has to be said, the design team at Litecraft are known to get a little crystal crazy, and the new Louvre chandelier is no exception!

We love crystals, from crystal button beading and tear drop pendants to crystal carved sconces and square cut prisms.

We believe Chandeliers are the epitome of luxury, romance and beauty. Often associated with enchanted medieval times, they were originally featured in extravagant settings such as castles and palaces, in them days having an expensive chandelier was a symbol of luxury and status. The introduction of a more affordable lead crystal in the 18th Century made way for the production of beautifully ornate crystal chandeliers.

We couldn't introduce our new lines for Autumn/Winter without including a new crystal effect Chandelier. Crystal effect sconces? Tick, Crystal effect droplets? Tick, Cascading button beads? Tick... Our new Louvre Chandeliers have everything you need to create a luxurious feel in your home, definitely a recipe for romance

A close relative of the Marie Antoinette family, our Louvre Chandeliers are beautifully crafted with ornate crystal effect surround, the chandelier is also hung with crystal effect pendants and cascading beads. The range is available as a 12 arm and a 5 arm fitting.

We think this is a beautiful collection and hope you do too....

louvre chandelier