Bathroom Lighting: Litecraft Spa Range

Litecraft Lighting and the Bathrooms They Suit

This month we saw the launch of our Brand new Spa Bathroom Lighting Range. After months of careful design and manufacturing we finally get to share with you this stunning new range featuring both traditional and contemporary IP Rated designs. Litecraft Bathroom Range is exclusively for our web customers, but don’t fret, you can still order any of the new lights in our Litecraft stores across the country; just ask one of our Sales Assistants to show you our Litecraft Bathroom Catalogue.

Our guest blog this week is from Steph, a highly experienced bathroom design expert and regular blogger on the subject. She writes on behalf of Bathshop321, who provide high quality bathroom products for all styles and designs.

When it comes to interior lighting decisions, many people opt for plain lighting solutions for the bathroom with minimal character. As well as the practicality lighting provides, fixtures can also have ornamental value if they are stylish and co-ordinate well with the style of your bathroom. They can inject a bright, positive feel to your bathroom and have the ability to completely change the tone of the room, which is why your choice of bathroom lighting fixtures is a decision worth spending time making.

Here, you’ll find a comprehensive guide to matching your bathroom style with the lighting fixtures that will complete the room.

Crystal Effect Ceiling Lighting

The crystal effect ceiling lighting at Litecraft can add a touch of magnificent lighting luxury to your bathroom. Fixtures like the Litecraft Elisa 5 Light Crystal Effect Bathroom Ceiling Light are perfect for traditional bathroom styles. The class and elegance exerted from this lighting fixture would perfectly complement the typical feel and fittings of a traditional design. It would look marvellous hanging from the centre of the room and acting as a focal point for the other furnishings; such as free-standing baths, high level toilets and roll top taps.

Litecraft Spa Range bathroom lighting


Downlights have become a staple of the modern bathroom. They are spread out over the face of the ceiling, meaning that they offer an expansive light source that covers the entire room. As well as this, it incorporates the current trend for minimalism, as they fit directly into the ceiling and take up next to no space. For ultra modern lights, you can buy them in modern materials like a set of Litecraft Orbis Chrome Flared Cowl Bathroom Lighting Downlights. This features a slick and stylish chrome finish that will further add to the modern theme of your room and complete its clean-cut and subtle style.

Litecraft Spa Range

Wall Lights

Wall mounted lighting can benefit all kinds of bathroom styles. It does this by offering both functionality and style to the room. For instance, installing wall mounted lighting fixtures on either side of your mirror can offer a balanced illumination of your face, which can aid hygiene and beauty routines. The symmetrical appearance can also help the room to seem more balanced and easy on the eye.

When installed alongside ceiling lighting, the combination of the two fixtures offers an all-round focus on the room, making it seem much brighter. Wall mounted lights have become extremely popular in recent years, which is why you can find quality designs in both traditional and modern styles. The  Litecraft Molice Ribbed Opal Glass Bathroom Wall Light is perfect for modern bathrooms, as it is made with a dazzling chrome finish that reflects light all over the room.