Cottonopolis Food & Liquor


Are you a lover of food, drink and everything industrial? We can tell you that there is a new hot-spot in town. Cottonopolis Food & Liquor brings something new and exciting to Manchester’s growing bar & restaurant scene. Located at 16 Newton Street in the Northern Quarter, Cottonopolis is the new go to place. This grade II listed building, combines local history, industrial designs and food & drink inspired by business connections from Manchester’s merchant past.



Industrial vibes are seen everywhere starting from the logo, throughout the interior and even in the menu that’s split into sections representing elements of Industrialism such as Ice, Fire, Steam, Oil and Trade.

Back in the day Manchester was known as 'Cottonopolis' because of its leading role in the global cotton & textile industry. This and the fact that the building is a former textile warehouse helped in choosing the appropriate name for the new bar.  This place just brings you back in time and is filled with industrial vibes. Open-floor space & high ceilings create the feeling of freedom and space, while metal fixtures & exposed brick walls add touch of urban atmosphere. The interior is not only industrial, but elegant as well; the leather seating ads touch of style and masculinity … How can you not fall in love?




To recreate this Eclectic Industrial interior style seen in Cottonopolis chooses raw finishes, salvaged furniture, industrial lights and eclectic accessories. Industrial finishes such as brick, wood, metal are key elements in this style. You can achieve an industrial look simply by adding new lighting fixtures and accessories. Exposed Vintage bulbs will add that rough industrial ambience to your room. Add mirrors to create an illusion of larger space if you don’t have that luxury of open plan floor space. Source reclaimed furniture and integrate salvaged accessories.

Images by Lucas Smith Photography.

Check out our look book below for interior inspiration.

cottonopolis look book