Hidden in the basement of Affleck's Palace on the corner of Church and Tib Street you'll find the Northern Quarters' laid back New York style speak easy. Black Dog Ballroom opened its doors in the October of 2009 quickly fitting in with NQ's laid back industrial atmosphere. The décor combines typical New York style with an industrial element, it's slick and stylish with an edge of rawness and industrialism. The restaurant serves gourmet yet laid back easy food such as burgers and pizzas.

On entering the somewhat over facing double glass doors you're immediately greeted with a silhouette of the black dog logo and four of our very own Chrome Global Pendants suspended at different levels above the stairwell. The sleek chrome fittings contrast perfectly against the raw exposed brick walls and mustard green panelling.

Make your way down the wooden staircase and you'll find the main bar area, a low levelled room with an ambience of dimmed lighting and dark fabrics, the space and discreet and personal. The dark interior is however lifted with pops of colour and accent lighting, a line of multicoloured shade pendants line the bar area to the left whilst red and white designer bar stools break up the dingy basement tone, twin spotlights litter the ceiling around the main bar and seating area bouncing light on to the shiny wood flooring.

More exposed brick features in sections of the bar area which together with the exposed vents and steel piping reinforces the element of industrialism, most of the buildings in the Northern Quarter were once mills or factories and characteristics of this have been unearthed perfectly at Black dog. Extra seating is found in the form of comfy and generous leather booths neatly lined up underneath original looking spotlight clustered pendants, the snug booths sit against old concrete slab walls supporting the décor with an atmospheric raw touch.

Towards the rear of the bar you'll find pool tables lined up underneath stunning copper ball pendant, the ambience of low level lighting, exposed brick and wood flooring flows from the bar area in keeping with the overall style.

A private VIP area that can only be accessed via a pass code boasts Mayfair style chesterfield sofas, a pool table and more low level pendants. The atmosphere is intimate and cosy.