A well lit exterior is both welcoming and more secure.

We have a wonderful collection of modern and traditional Outdoor Lighting that's sure to make the neighbours envious. Before purchasing lighting for your outdoor area, check that the fitting is IP rated, this means it is waterproof and durable. This rating indicates the level of protection in regards to water and moisture penetration and also protection for dust and mould.

IP Ratings

IP stands for ingress protection, the rating of electrical fittings against the penetration of solids and liquids

All ratings start with the initials IP followed by two numbers...

See Chart below:

All fittings suitable for outdoor use will be indicated in the description. Outdoor lighting must be fitted with care; if you prefer an electrician this would be advisable. Any wiring should be covered and all metal work will need to be earthed. Make sure to keep any waterproof sockets and switches installed under a cover to be sheltered from rain. For entrance lighting situated at the front of the house, we recommend fittings with a PIR sensor; this option will help save energy whilst also providing a safer, more secure home.

That’s the serious part covered. With the correct lighting your garden can become a tranquil area, an ambience of lit paths and walkways, glowing seating areas and glistening shrubbery. Use walk over lighting across garden paths and driveways; choose garden spike lights to light up plant pots and hedges and lantern wall lights to highlight entrances.

If you’re on a budget or need a quick garden fix up, a cheap and easy way to add light to your garden is with Solar lighting, it is an easy and efficient way to add light to your outdoor space. This type of lighting requires no mains power and works solely from daylight, it’s easy to install too and needs little maintenance and we offer a wide range of solar lights from table lamps to stick lights, paper lanterns to dainty rock lights.

We also stock a beautiful array of Illuminated Glow Furniture, an engaging range of colour changing garden furniture that will brighten up your patio area.