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Finding the right solutions to illuminating a windowless room may seem like quite a challenge. Whether it is a windowless bathroom, home office or guest bedroom you can always achieve the perfect feel of openness without having to spend too much. In this Blog you’ll be able to pick up decorative tips that will help transform your windowless room to convey the perfect essence of spaciousness, yet fill your room with vibrancy and character. Decorating a windowless room doesn’t have to be a dull task, by adding certain pieces of accent lighting and furnishing, you’ll be able to resemble the appearance of a room with windows. And we’ll show you how!


Here, you’ll find great advice on how your room can be rescued from the dark ages with the right lighting treatment. Carefully choosing softer furniture and decorations can instantly bring life to a room, so that you can enjoy relaxation and comfort. Follow these simple hacks to illuminating a windowless room and get great results:

  • adding mirrors and art works;
  • using a vibrant, and warm colour scheme;
  • perfecting lighting.

Adding mirrors and large art works

Using mirrors and large art pieces to open up a space is a go-to and widely used trick by interior stylists. Mirrors are an effective way of reflecting light to give an illusion of a bigger space and even mimic windows. If positioned right, mirrors can definitely bring the sun back into your home. Try by placing a mirror behind a light source, whether it is a candle or a pendant light, a mirror can maximise the reach of a light while creating a lustrous gleam.

Pendant Light, Side Table and Floor Length Mirror

As well as using mirrors, why not invest in large art works which serve a purpose to add character and vibrancy to any room. Windowless rooms often appear smaller, so vibrant illustrations help divide large expanses of the walls. Furthermore, bigger pieces can give the illusion of height, depth and can give a great focal point in a room. Take a look at our mirrors category where you’ll find our gorgeous range of modern and sophisticated mirrors, as well as impressive art works bound to give any room a stylish touch.

Mirror Wall Art on Fire Place Display

Using a vibrant, and warm colour scheme

Also, a very handy trick is to paint your ceiling white, as it reflects light coming from table lamps, floor lamps or uplighters; instead of absorbing it. You’ll be amazed at the difference it makes! It also helps to eliminate any dark hues that darker ceilings or dark wooden beams cast over a room. If you’d prefer to have some colour on the ceiling or walls. Try using mellow, pastel, mint or even using a nautical colour scheme. Neutral colours like this help to evoke a sense of calm, space and relaxation; which can definitely enhance the functionality of windowless home offices or guest rooms.

Carefully layering the room with neutral or light furniture can simply uplift the mood and feel to a room. Cosy up with some pillows and throws to create a tranquil atmosphere. Diffuse different pops of colour to really brighten a windowless room, keeping in line with a homely yet stylish appearance.

Perfecting Lighting

The key to good lighting is accent lighting, table lamps contribute really well in spreading lighting across certain areas. Also, in creating a cool and calming mood. Furthermore, floor lamps - especially uplighters - give off spectacular accent lighting. Floor lamps can bring classy style and elegance to your home, as well as broaden the look of a room.

Colourful Ceramic Geometric Table Lamp GroupTraditional Floor Lamp

Continuing on accent lighting, you’ll find that spotlight bars play a brilliant role in shining beams of light across different parts of a room which really liven a dark room. The adjustable spotlights increase the functionality and focus in key parts of a room. Which give an extra sense of practicality and focus, yet convey a stylishness to a room. If you are looking to compliment mirrors, or any wall art use spotlight bars for that extra focus. Try adjusting the spotlights so that they reflect off mirrored surfaces. Or feature art works to show off more vibrancy and openness.

Adjustable 6 Light Spotlight Bar

Ensure that you choose your bulbs wisely. Ideal lumen levels – the measurement of brightness – will vary based on the space you are lighting. If you are looking to get the best result from your overhead fixtures, consider using 800 lumens or for accent lighting, aim for 450 – 800 lumens per bulb. Also, picking the right colour temperature for your bulbs could really influence a different mood to a room. Warm white bulbs encompass feelings of warmth and comfort. Whereas, daylight or cool white bulbs give a more open, focused and crisp light. Our lighting experts always recommend using long-lasting LED light bulbs. Which offer bright white light to mimic natural sunlight, which in turn will bring back brightness into a windowless room