Top 10 Guest Room Bedside Wall Lights

Keep your overnight guests happy with essential bedside wall lights. Wall lights are great for accent lighting. They are convenient as well as creating a soothing ambience to any bedroom. They also act as a safety and practical aspect for your guests.

Bedside lighting is ideal for those who love a little read of a book before bed or like to catch up on emails in the comfort of a cosy plump duvet and soft mattress. When getting ready for bed guests will usually choose to keep the bedside lights on as oppose to the sometimes harsher light of a main ceiling fitting. You should also think about safety when it comes to lighting a guest room, for some guests and especially those who don't know the rooms layout, manoeuvring around a room in the dark won't be as simple as it is for you. So having a bedside lamp will help your guests to get into bed with ease.

It's also just a simple convenience to have a light placed at the side of a bed, nobody enjoys having to get out of bed and walk across a room to switch a light off once they're already cosy in bed. So ideally choose a bedside wall light with a pull switch cord or something similar.

Here's our top 10 Guest Room Bedside Wall Lights, we've picked a selection perfect for any sleek guest room interior.

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Top 10 Guest Room Bedside Wall Lights

Top 10 Guest Room Bedside Wall Lights from Litecraft