With the introduction of LED and Energy Saving lamps, incandescent light bulbs will soon be phased out altogether. It's a shame that such a beautiful invention that is an iconic shape across the world will soon be replaces. Fear not, you can keep these little gems as ornaments and around the home and even in the garden.

We've delved into the archives to share some inspirational ideas on how to recycle your old light bulbs...

Bring some colour into your home and create elements of spring time with flowers. Hang bulbs from branches or nestle  into your crockery, carefully open the top of the bulb and remove the filaments. Add green leaves together with wild flowers or a single red rose for valentines.

For a simple feature in the garden, place pretty feathers or petals in old bulbs and hang them from tree branches, a perfect feature for Valentines and also a great idea during the festive season.

If you're a creative soul when it comes to origami why not make some miniature paper cranes from colour paper and dangle inside old bulbs, this is a great gift idea for loved ones and can also be used as a good luck charm.

For wedding centrepieces roll your old bulbs in PVA glue and then dip them in gold and silver glitter, cover the whole bulb or mix and match with pearls and sequins for an eclectic look, place in old jars or on a glass plate.

Keep the notion of light alive by turning your old bulbs into oil lamps, these are so simple to make. Carefully open the top of your bulb and remove the filament, you'll need some paraffin lamp oil, a wick and an old bottle top.

Let us know if you try one of the above, we'd love to see your creations !!