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If you are looking for great advice and ideas on how to project lighting in your home, look no further, you have come to the right place. Whether you’re moving homes, redecorating or simply fancy a change; planning how to project lighting throughout your interior shouldn’t be a dull task. We’ll walk you through on how different elements of lighting can have huge influences on mood-setting and brightening up interiors to bring life to a home. We’ll help you with the following topics which may appear tricky at first glance, but very simple to attaining the best projection of lighting to avoid any dull areas in the home:


  • why is it important to plan to light in your house;
  • spotlights – what is it, what to use to create spotlights, main rules for location of spotlight sources;
  • diffused lighting – where to use it;
  • reflected lighting.

Why is it important to plan lighting in your house

Desk Lamp in Mocha

Lighting should never be overlooked. Carefully planning to light will save you time. It can be very useful to consider what lighting you want to project in each room to make it less stressful when searching for appropriate lighting. But be careful not to make the mistake of leaving lighting as an afterthought.

If you have a poorly lit room with beautiful furnishing, it can make it look dull and lifeless. You may think lighting plans may seem too technical, but Litecraft has created a handful of simple tips on projecting great lighting in your home.


Spotlights can come recessed, singular, on the plate, of on a bar with multiple adjustable spotlights. Spotlights with adjustable heads really help in creating beam angles to project lighting to key features in the home. Project lighting onto walls, artworks, reflected off mirrors for extra illumination and onto work surfaces in the kitchen or office. Spotlights, in particular, adjustable-head spotlights, are functional forms of task lighting appropriate for work zones in the kitchen, bringing focus and concentration to particular spaces with a modern style.

Satin Nickel Spotlight Plate with 3 Adjustable Heads

Creating great accent lighting doesn’t have to seem like a big task. Many interior decorators will use spotlights with adjustable heads to project beams to accent walls, artworks and other features. Also, considering colour temperatures is much easier than you think. Any work zones, such as the kitchen and office with require cool white bulbs for extra focus and alertness when prepping and working. Furthermore, for relaxing zones, consider using warm white bulbs for ambient and comfortable lighting.

Diffused lighting

When planning lighting, you want to ensure that you are considering the comforting and ambient lighting for the living zones in your interior. These places will be the living room and bedroom where you just want to kick back and relax after a long day of work. Diffused lighting can help you achieve soft and warm lighting, perfect for these rooms.

Table Lamp and Ceiling Shade in Mocha

Start by dotting table lamps with shades in corners of your home, and avoid creating any shadows. A useful tip is to places these near reflective surfaces for that extra projection of light which is still soft and warm. This simple touch of lighting can really help with accent lighting and create that perfect ambient atmosphere to your room. Next step is to adding shades to your existing fitting. It pretty much says it in the name: easy to fit shades, which simply attach to your existing pendant cable. Such an easy addition to diffusing any glares or bright lights from naked bulbs.

Ceiling Shades and Floor Lamp

Reflector Lights and Bulbs

For that extra beam of lighting throughout your home, it’s definitely worth considering using reflector bulbs. No doubt, they are small and compact but very powerful in projecting efficient lighting throughout the home. Reflector bulbs are an innovative modern lighting technology. They use tiny reflectors inside the bulb to focus light beams in a forwards direction. They are an ingeniously clever way to project a spotlight beams onto work surfaces. We recommend using these in the kitchen, particularly under the cabinet.

Also, try using LED reflector bulbs. They use up to 90% less energy than the traditional bulb. So switching to LED’s will save money on your energy bulbs. Not only will it cut your bills and increase your bank balance, but it also helps you do your bit for the environment by reducing your house’ energy consumption.

Two Reflector Bulbs

We have proven that planning light to bring life to the home isn’t at all hard, as it may seem. Just the simplest planning can take that stress off your shoulder when you are trying to search for the perfect lighting. Using different sources of light and fittings can help create so many different moods, appropriate for different rooms.