We're just days away from Christmas, it's fast approaching which means you need to get your interiors into tip top form within the next few days. Whilst the lounge is usually the main focus this time of year, you can enhance the festive flare to other rooms in your home and a fun way to do this is by including the kids. Children love this time of year so why not carry on the Christmas theme into your child's bedroom?  It's so easy to add a hint of Christmas anywhere in the home but your child's bedroom is where you can really let your imagination run wild. We've compiled a list of Christmas ideas to prep you child's bedroom ready for Santa's arrival...

Prep your Child's bedroom ready for Santa

String and Twig Lights

Make sure Santa can see your child's bedroom from his sleigh by adding some twinkling Feather String Lights & festive twig lights. Entwine around their bed posts or along the window ledge for added illumination. The LED and Long-life micro bulbs allow these little gems to shine all year through.


Hang stockings and sacks at the foot of your child’s bed ready for Santa to fill.

Tea Lights and Candle Lights

Add a flickering guiding light with our LED Rechargeable Tea Lights. Staying cool to the touch these little gadgets are ideal for a child's bedroom and can even double up as a night light. With a simple tilt of the tea light your child can turn on and off when it suits. The LED light creates a gentle flickering effect that looks like a real candle and adds a warm ambience to the room.

Keep Santa’s Belly Full

Leave some Milk & Mince Pies on the window ledge, a drop of Sherry if you’re feeling festive and don’t forget carrots for Rudolph & his friends.

Fairy Dust

Sprinkle some Glitter Fairy Dust up the stairs to your child's bedroom. This will help Santa & his reindeer find their way, whilst also adding an exciting touch of magic just before bed. Once your child is fast asleep, make foot prints in the dust to show that Santa has been.

Desk Lamps

When your child is writing their Christmas list for Santa make sure to save a copy and get them to leave this on their desk or bedside table before they go to bed. Tell them it’s to make it easier for Santa to check he’s got all their gifts they wanted. Make sure you place a desk lamp nearby to illuminate the list. Both our Caher & Timmy Desk Lamps feature an adjustable head to easily direct the light onto a specific area.

Bedding and Throws

Make sure the little ones are tucked up in bed and fast asleep before midnight. We don’t want them waking when Santa arrives and spoiling the surprise! The sooner they go to sleep, the sooner it’ll be Christmas Day! Keep them extra warm with some festive fleece and micro throws. More cosiness means a sounder sleep. Our New Christmas Reindeer & Snow Pattern Fleece will add festive cheer to your child’s bedroom with a deer and snowflake motif.

Handmade Festive Garlands

Get the kids involved in making some festive paper garlands for their bedroom. Check out our Garlands blog online for tips on How to create your own Garland.

For more inspiration Christmas Bedroom ideas check out our latest pinterest board.

Prep your Child's bedroom ready for Santa Pinboard