Picture lights – how to emphasize the picture

Picture lights – how to emphasize the picture

Artwork is a beautiful addition to any household’s interiors, especially with picture lights. Offering a unique and intriguing twist to your home’s designs. Which will allow you to give emphasize your sense of style to your home. Firstly, picture lighting is an ideal way to bring more focus to your art and pictures. More importantly, helping to bring more emphasis to the piece to highlight it within the room. However, choosing the right picture lights for your home can be a difficult task to undertake. For instance, you may not know the size or style that is best suited to the effect that you are trying to create. As a result, this blog looks to offer you a little bit of guidance. Also, to inspire and help you to produce the right style of light to emphasize your artwork.

How to choose the right size

Firstly, the size of your picture lights is one of the most important factors to consider. When it comes to style and emphasize for your artwork. Therefore, you need to get it just right in order to produce the perfect impact. The biggest danger with these lights is using a fitting that isn’t big enough. So therefore will only give light to a smaller area of the picture. More over, you won’t be able to see the full effect of the image. The right light will offer a soft wash of light across the entire picture. Lastly, highlighting the entire piece in a subtle yet incredibly effective manner. Also, highlighting the piece in a way. Which ensures that the lights can be clearly seen by yourself and any guests whilst also not being too bold or obstructive.

Which style is best for your home

Each different household will have it’s own uniquely tailored designs. For instance, designs that help to give a wonderful image and feel to the interiors inside of it. Furthermore, it is important to select light fittings which help to keep the flow and theme of the room intact. For example, offering a more thorough sense of style to the décor. More importantly, Picture lights come in a range of different styles. From traditional to modern, elegant to contemporary. There is sure to be a picture light that is a marvelous fit for your artwork inclusive interiors. As a result at Litecraft you’ll find a brilliant range of picture lights in a variety of different finishes and styles, so check out our full range!

Picture lights – how to emphasize the picture

Best bulbs for picture lights

When it comes to the technology used to light up the fitting there are a few options to choose from, which allows you to find the perfect style of light for your home. The smartest option for picture lights is LED lighting, which is up to 90% more energy efficient than the standard incandescent bulb whilst also being far more durable and reliable too, giving you an effective, efficient, and long lasting lighting solution inside of your home. Whether it is an LED bulb or integrated LED technology, this is sure to be the way that you illuminate your pictures and artwork for the foreseeable future.

Litecraft’s top picks

The Litecraft catalogue is packed full of lights that are perfect for illuminating your artwork and to emphasize your pictures, so take a look at our top picks below:

Frank lighting

  • Frank 1 Light Ceiling or Black Nickel Wall Spotlight: This simple wall or ceiling spotlight will give a soft yet effective glow to your artwork, helping to highlight the piece for a more eye-catching impact. This light comes with a sleek black nickel finish, offering a stylish contemporary image to your home. The light shines towards the lights and will help to give emphasis to your pictures;

Ring Plato Glass Spotlight

  • Ring Plato Glass Single Ceiling Spotlight: Ceiling spotlights are also great for giving a unique and purposeful shine to your pictures, with this wonderful piece giving an elegant urban look to your home as it does so. This spotlight plate is finished in chrome and has a glass effect detailing, which gives a fantastic image to the space that it is used within. The light shines effectively onto the artwork to offer a highlighted impact to the piece;

Picture Light with Pull Cord

  • IP44 Rated Bathroom Picture Light with Pull Cord – Satin Nickel or Chrome: This picture light is probably the most versatile and functional light for use inside of any household, with the IP44 rating allowing you to safely utilise the piece in more areas of your home. Coming with a pull chord, the piece is simple to operate and gives light to a wide area, giving a clear view and highlight to the entire feature effectively.

Picture lights – how to emphasize the picture

Picture lights – how to emphasize the picture

Picture lights – how to emphasize the picturePicture lights – how to emphasize the picture

You can shop for picture lights to add emphasis right here on the Litecraft website, or alternatively visit one of our brilliant UK stores where you’ll be able to take a first hand look at our stunning fittings. You can chat to our staff for some guidance either in person or online via live chat, so you’re sure to be able to find the perfect fittings for your home!