How to: Turn a Vase into a Table Lamp

If you’re a fan of the thrifty, crafty websites found online these days - Pinterest, Etsy, Flickr etc. you will have probably seen tutorials on how to turn everyday items into home accessories. Everything from old light bulbs transformed into Christmas decorations to handmade birthday cards & home-made Mason jar candle holders can be found online.  So we thought we’d choose a crafty idea and give it a go… Have you ever seen a vase and thought, how beautiful would that look lit up? Well we have & we decided to turn some stunning ornaments and vases into table lamps, and it’s not as tricky as it sounds, here’s how to do it…

Items you will need:

First of all you’ll need to find a vase, if you’re hoping to spend as little as possible then your best bet for a cheap vase is a second hand store or a charity shop. For ease we recommend you choose a vase with a small funnel type opening, a bulb holder will sit in the funnel so make sure it’s not too small either.

Vase Shapes

We advise to choose a vase with a funnel neck

You’ll need to purchase a bottle lamp kit; you can find these in many DIY stores or on the internet. The kit includes instructions on how to assemble the lamp holder onto the vase. It should contain a threaded pipe, a wired socket, nuts, washers, a fibre disc and a lamp harp. All you need to do is attach the fibre discs and the washer to the threaded pipe and tighten it between of the nuts. The lamp kit should have a step by step guide of how to place the holder into the vase.

Drill a hole in the bottom side of the vase where you would prefer the cable to come out; you’ll need to make sure you put the pipe through the vase before attaching the socket.

Finally you will need to pick a lamp shade, remember to choose one that will compliment the vase, for wide vases choose wide drum or rectangular shades, for tall or thin vases choose a shaped shades. There should be approx 1 inch between the top of the vase and the bottom of the shade.


  • Stick felt pads on the bottom of the vase so prevent scratching the surface of the table.
  • If the holder doesn't sit perfectly into the vase lip, use silicone, apply around the lamp holder.

Here are a few other ways to create original one off table lamps, choose demijohn bottles, fill with wine corks or choose a green wine bottle for a vintage vibe.

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