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How to illuminate vaulted ceilings with some key lighting tips

How to illuminate vaulted ceilings - Litecraft

Character and unique features are an ideal and key selling point for any home. Therefore, adding height can give the illusion of more space. For instance, if possible installing vaulted ceilings is a must. Furthermore, vaulted ceilings are a great asset to any building. Also known as cathedral ceilings or high ceilings, they are described as an arched form within the ceiling of a building. More importantly, originally an architectural choice used mainly in cathedrals. They were considered as they gave the illusion of more space whilst also creating a sense of grandeur. By the 1980’s and early 90’s having a vaulted ceiling was considered a key luxury aesthetic and more associated with luxury properties.

Whilst aesthetically pleasing, there are several key factors to consider when choosing this style of ceiling. For instance, vaulted ceilings can be seen as creating dead space. For example, an area where nothing happens, no furniture and not really any purpose other than to add interest and intrigue. However, unless modernized with contemporary lighting, vaulted ceilings can sometimes be seen as a little dated. As a result, this smoothly follows us into lighting.

More so, lighting this area can be a challenge and that’s what we’re going to focus on today. Here are a few key tips to help when illuminating a vaulted ceiling:

  • recessed lighting;
  • pendant lights;
  • linear lights;
  • sky lights.

Recessed Vaulted Ceiling Lighting

How to illuminate vaulted ceilings - Recessed Lighting

Vaulted ceilings or any ceiling with a sloping feature will benefit from a large spread of light. More importantly, these types of ceilings are usually very expanse, taking up a considerable amount of space so the more lighting the better. That’s why we believe recessed lighting is great for this kind of space as they can be versatile and discreet. Yet still provide a consistent wash of illumination. More so, when installing recessed lighting you need to consider what type of lighting effect you wish to achieve. For instance, you can either spread the lights out along the whole ceiling area or choose to install them in a more specific place. For instance, along the edge of the ceiling.

Also, recessed lights can be used as a main source of illumination. Likewise, they can also look great teamed with other ceiling lights such as pendants and cluster fittings, which moves us onto our next key lighting tip.

Pendant Lighting

How to illuminate vaulted ceilings - Pendant Lighting

Take advantage of the height space that comes with a vaulted ceiling by installing some pendant style lighting. Pendant lights with a long drop or that have a clustered shade style to them look amazing suspended from a vaulted ceiling. In particular, cluster pendants featuring a cascading twist create a mesmerising and show-stopping addition or cluster pendants with adjustable cables. If the vaulted ceiling is over a kitchen island or dining area choose large industrial pendants that feature a wide dome shaped head. You could even suspend two side by side to double the impact. The bigger the better when it comes to lighting a vaulted ceiling.

Consequently, the sense of grandeur and luxury is already established with the height of the ceiling. So why not make the most of the area with an extravagant pendant. Chandeliers with a long drop will also create a dramatic effect. Pair the pendant with some added recessed lighting to really impact the space.

Linear Lighting

How to illuminate vaulted ceilings - Track Lighting

Lastly, for a contemporary touch, throw some linear lighting into the mix. For instance, strip lighting can be installed behind a ledge to create a subtle yet effective glow and is super easy to install. More importantly, there’s even a remote to control the colour-changing technology. Also, for vaulted ceilings that house exposed beams or rafters will benefit from track lighting. More so, this style of lighting can add greatly to the industrial feel of a building.

As a result, Litecraft offer a wide range of track lighting. Furthermore, by introducing these style of spotlights, you will be giving a focused form of lighting to your home. Which can be adjusted and altered to face different areas around the fitting. Allowing greater coverage and versatility. This is a very handy feature as it allows you to light up your home. Far better than before without the need for an overload of fittings.

Sky Lights

Natural light is always a winner especially when lighting a room. That’s why it’s always handy to, if you’re not on a tight budget, install some sky lights.
Sky lights are basically window panels fitted into the ceiling to create an influx of natural light. Adding sky lights will also cut on energy bills too. Do you have vaulted ceilings in your home? If so, how do you keep the area illuminated?

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