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There are so many crafty ideas to decorate your home this valentines day, from heart cake-pops and rose petal filled jars to personalised chalkboards, but its pretty heart garlands that win hands down for us. You can hang a garland from almost anything in your home, entwine along the staircase, drape across your mantle piece, you can even create a valentines garland for your chandelier... which is what we attempted to make this week especially for our 'How to' post.

This is such an easy craft to make, all you need is:

An old Book 
Thick Paper
Mini Pegs
How to: Valentines Garland

One heart consists of 6 strips of book paper and 1 strip of  thicker paper.

First of all you'll need 3 separate strips of book paper, rip a page from your book and cut 3 x 1" thick strips. Shorten the strips so they measure 5",6" and 7".

How to: Valentines Garland

Take the shortest (5") strip and loop it in half, then loop the 6" strip over the top and then finally the longest piece (7") looped over the two smaller strips.

Line up all the ends and firmly staple together.

How to: Valentines Garland

Repeat these steps to create the other half of the heart.

How to: Valentines Garland

Finally, connect both halves of the heart, cut a strip of your thicker paper 1" wide and 4" long and place between the two halves and staple all the pieces together.

How to: Valentines Garland

 Use your mini pegs to hang each each onto your string and drape over chandelier arms.

How to: Valentines Garland Guide

 Hang from your chandelier by threading the string through the crystal hoops.

Litecraft Chandelier



Or drape across your fireplace...


 Here are some other creative Valentine inspired decorations:

Valentines Garland



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