Grey has always been a calm and tranquil tone, easily collaborating with other colours without making a space feel too cold and stark. The colour is so versatile too and comes in a range of shades that you may not have even thought of such as industrial charcoal, sparkling silver and not forgetting the sultry smoke grey tone. Lately and with the help of one particular trilogy, grey is finally getting the recognition it deserves.

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How to create a Valentines Grey Boudoir

The key to adding grey tones to your interior is how you pair it with other colours. For instance, for a warm country feel, add warm wood and mocha accessories such as drift wood hearts, mocha table runners and rustic wood furniture. Choose a brown based grey for the walls to keep the warmth in. For a more contemporary interior style, mix a lighter grey with crisp white accents. A citrus yellow or lime green will add a more feminine touch too and ease your interiors into Spring.

But the best part of grey is that you can layer it up and use a selection of the same colour all in the same room, through the use of lighting, furniture and soft furnishings. You can even throw in a little black. For our look book this week we introduced a mixture of textures to create layering and depth. With the theme being valentines and the release of Fifty Shades of Grey what better room to look at than the bedroom.

 Grey Valentines Inspired Boudoir

How to create a Valentines Grey Boudoir

Using a mixture of textures and shapes will prevent a room from feeling dull and flat. It's a lot more inviting to include a mix of cosy linens such as silk, taffeta and wool. That's why we've chosen our taffeta infused Glamour Double Duvet Set in Black, imagine sinking into a lush duvet cover after a long day at work. Ruffled bands with intricate sequin detail give this range a luxury boutique feel whilst the deep grey tones give a warm cosy feeling. This set is available with matching boudoir cushion, and throw. We've paired the set with our soft Fringed Throw in Grey, the light grey tone will lift the darker shades, creating more depth.

We've reinforced the element of layering with the use of lighting, choose one of our drum shade chandeliers for a mixture of contemporary meets glam. Our popular L'amour Easy to Fit Shade in Grey offers a combination of understated luxury with some sultry, sheer fabric. A grey voile pleated drum conceals a stunning chrome chandelier whilst dainty crystal droplets cascade below. This is a great piece to add a soft and sexy feel to your boudoir. Voile is a great textile to choose for this look as it's soft, sheer and gives a sultry diffused ambience when lit.

Alternatively opt for our new Diamante Range as featured in our earlier post this week. This range offers a more industrial edge, a chrome diamanté style mesh shade envelopes a simple multi-light fitting whilst metallic pebbles dangle from crystal beads below. The combination of textures adds a layered effect to the interior and contrasts greatly with the more soft and silky finish of the bedding.

Tips to get you in the mood

We've rounded up some tips to get you are your home in the mood this valentines weekend:

Keep distractions at bay - To add some spice to your love life you need to make sure your other half has your undivided attention, well at least when it comes to the bedroom. So, eliminate any possible distractions, throw a silky sheet over the TV, switch off your smart phones and step away from the Kindle.

Dim the lights - Swap your bulbs for warmer ones to create a more diffused ambience.

Change the bedding  - Ditch the old sheets for some fresh new silky samples, the more texture the better.

Let us know your thoughts on this super sultry look.