Halloween is creeping around the corner, yes it's just one day away!! So today we thought we'd help you dive into the celebrations with our step by step guide of how to carve and light up your Pumpkins for Halloween. It's an age old tradition which has continued for decades, designs have changed and become more elaborate so get your creative pumpkin juices flowing ready for Halloween.

Although pumpkins are quite soft and easy to cut into, you still need a sharp knife so we recommend for safety reasons that an adult carves out the pumpkin. Children can join in when the pulp and seeds need pulling and scraping out.

Tools you will need:

Old Towel or Old Newspaper
Empty Bowl
Large Knife
Small Knife
Stencil (Optional)
Pen or Pencil
Candles or Battery Operated String Lights

First of all, make sure you have a large work space, this activity can be quite messy so be sure to put down some old towels or old newspapers on your surface before you start. Then get your pumpkin and large knife and begin to cut the top of the pumpkin, keep your knife at an angle pointing towards the stem, make sure the hole you are cutting is wide enough for you to place your hands in. When you have cut a complete circle then pull of the top of the pumpkin, this will now become your pumpkin lid.

Next is the messy part, place your hands into the pumpkin and begin to scrape out all the pulp and seeds, the pulp will be stuck to the insides of the pumpkin so use your nails or a spoon to scrape as much pumpkin guts out as possible. Place any excess pulp in a bowl, this can be used for baking if you choose. Once all the insides have been removed you can start to carve the pumpkin.

Wash your hands, if you have already chosen a design for your pumpkin then place the stencil over the pumpkin, taking small sections cut away chunks using your small knife.

Last but not least is the lighting of the pumpkin, either place a candle in the centre of the pumpkin or alternatively you can place some Battery operated String lights in for extra illumination.

Have a great Halloween Guys!!

Here are our Litecraft HQ attempts

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