How to: Clean a Chandelier

It’s a job we try to delay, put to the bottom of the list of chores and save for a rainy day. But at some point, all chandelier owners will have to endure the day we at Litecraft call ‘the annual cleaning of the chandelier day’!

To help you with this task, which depending on the size of the chandelier; can sometimes be a mammoth one; we have pulled together a help guide, listing all the dos and don't's when it comes to cleaning your chandelier!

Safety First

Litecraft promote safety at home so always make sure you have a helper on hand. If you’re intending on removing any electrical wires or ‘fiddling’ with the sockets please consult a qualified electrician. High voltages are dangerous.

We advise that you take a photograph of the fitting before you start your cleaning, this will help when putting the chandelier back together if you no longer have the assembly instructions.


Items you will need when cleaning your light

A blanket
A bowl of warm soapy water
2 Bath Towels
Kitchen Towels

Make sure your chandelier is switched off. Either unplug the fixture or if you want to be super cautious it’s best to turn the electricity off in the room your chandelier is situated in. You must then wait for the bulbs to cool down. These can get very hot! While you’re waiting use this time to move any valuable items from the room and any furniture away from the chandelier area.

Put down a thick blanket directly underneath your fixture, this is to prevent any accidental breakages from falling crystals and sconces.

Using your stepladder, remove all the bulbs. These should be cool to touch by now. Put them to one side in a safe place, either in a bowl or on a kitchen towel.

It’s not essential but if you’re able to unhook your whole light from the ceiling, then place the chandelier on a work surface or on the floor on a large blanket.

Put 2 large bath towels on your work surface next to your bowl of warm soapy water One will be used for the dirty crystals and the other for clean.

Begin removing crystals

You can now start to remove the crystals from the chandelier. The best and easiest way is to remove a section of crystals at a time. Place the crystals on the first bath towel, wash them with the soapy water and then rinse with hot water from the tap, wipe dry and put them on the other bath towel. Once you have finished one section, replace all the crystals before you continue onto the next section.  Move around the fixture until all crystals are cleaned.

After the crystals have been replaced, you can now clean the frame. Use a damp soapy cloth and wipe down the chandelier arms then buff dry. Avoid getting any water near wiring.

Voilà!! You now have a sparkling clean fitting

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