Children's Lighting Choices and the importance of this

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Choosing Children’s Lighting

It’s not only university and college students that will head to school this September. The little ones will be starting their learning journey as well so we wanted to give you few tips on children’s lighting. Choosing lighting has a massive impact on how we feel, so make sure you choose the best products available.

Choosing Children's Lighting

Children’s Lighting: Ceiling Lights

When it comes to ceiling lights for children’s room you have unlimited options of choosing. Colourful easy fit shades, playful pendant lights and cute ceiling flushes. These will create a bright and fun ambience in the room. We offer a range of ceiling lights for little boys and girls. In addition, this can make their room look more cosy and fun to be in.

Our Children’s Cheese Ceiling Pendant Light – Yellow is probably one of our best sellers when it comes to children’s lighting. A playful design that’s not too distractive. This pendant is adjustable in height so it will fit both rooms with high and low ceiling.

Children’s Lighting: Night Lamps

Night Lamps are the most popular type of children’s lighting, as many kinds find it difficult to fall asleep in darkness. You can have a table lamp or a wall light to create a subtle glow that will keep your child feeling safe without disturbing their sleep by being too bright. Night lights with PIR sensor will make your child feel safe and secure as well as help you save on energy bills. Our Philips Disney’s Minnie Mouse Night Light has an inbuilt motion detector that lights up with a single movement. You can see our full range of night lights here.

Children’s Lighting: Task Lamps

When your little one starts school task lamps are as important as the study books, because without practical lighting your child will struggle to concentrate. We believe that practicality plays a key role here. It is very important to choose a task light that is bright and adjustable for easy positioning to ensure the best ambience for reading, writing and drawing. Flexi Neck lamps would be the best choice. A simple yet practical design available in different colours.

Mood Lighting

Colour changing mood light would be a fantastic choice for bedtime stories. Create a dark forest green ambience when reading about the Little Red Riding Hood or an ocean blue when you tell the story of Finding Nemo. These mood-lights are energy efficient and lets you select your favourite colours from a huge choosing of 16,000,000 colours!

Soft Throws & Plush Toys

Get the little ones ready for bed and fast asleep for the big school day ahead. Keep them extra warm with our Micro Throws and comfortably tucked into bed with a soft plush toy, getting them nice and cosy for a good night’s sleep


Add colourful stationary to encourage your child’s creativity. A pin-board is a great way to showcase some of the best art pieces they have made. You can also use it to display report cards and To Do lists.


Check out our Facebook Page to see more styling of children’s lighting.


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  1. I love the suggestion on the blog here of colour changing mood light for different bedtime stories, that’s a brilliant idea! Really makes for atmospheric reading! Anything to help imagination as a child will ensure growing into an adult with a love of reading 🙂

  2. Tracey Susan Anderson

    The colour shade of light is just a brilliant idea for the munchkins at bedtime so enhances the mood to reflect feeling educating your child about emotion and feeling x x x

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