How to add illumination to your home without drilling into your walls

Whether you’re renting a property and there’s no wiring for wall illumination. Or you’ve just refurbished and forgotten to add wall lights into the mix, don’t fret. There are some simple and effective ways to add illumination to your home without drilling into your walls. Refurbishing is a big task and sometimes it’s easy to forget those finishing touches. Such as wall lights to light up alcoves, lights to illuminate your bedside area. Or simple wall illumination to highlight artwork, shelving or photo frames. If you’re renting and wall lights haven’t been installed. You’ll be lucky if your landlords let you drill or make any kind of permanent fixture to the walls.


However, there is a solution to this. Choose certain lamps that don’t need wiring into the walls. It’s pretty simple really and that’s what we’re going to look at today. With the following simple and easy wall lighting solutions:

      • crafty clamp and clip-on designs;
      • swing Arm Solutions;
      • string Lights Illumination;
      • ceiling Suspension & decorative braided cables.

How to add illumination to your home without drilling into your walls | Litecraft

Crafty clamp and clip-on designs

These amazing little designs are perfect for over the bed lighting or if you’re in need of some shelving lighting. As a result, clamp and clip-on lighting allows you to position your illumination to suit your task. For instance, if you have a headboard simply clip one of our Timmy spotlights to the panel and you’ll instantly have a pool of direct light over your head, perfect for night time reading. This collection is available as a two pack which is ideal for a symmetrical bedtime look.

Alternatively, these little trendy task lamps can be clamped or clipped onto shelving and angled down over a work surface too, such as the kitchen worktop or your home office desk area. Our Elger Swing Arm Clip-on Lamp is ideal for surface areas that need a lot of illumination, featuring a large head lamp this light will give a large wash of light. There are so many creative ways to add illumination with clamp and clip on lights, the list is endless. From clamping onto old wooden ladders at the side of a bed or clip on the side of a shelf above a reading corner.

Swing arm solutions

Positioning adjustable, flexi or swing arm styled task lamps onto a shelf, ledge or side table. Then angled down over a specific work area is also an easy and effective way to add wall lighting without the need to drill into the walls.

Our Hehuanshan Swing Arm Task Lamp features a slim adjustable arm that can also be swung around and placed in a position that best suits you. However, make sure you choose a lamp that features a heavy base so it can sit safely perched on the shelf or table. It’s also wise to make sure there’s plug sockets in nearby walls if you’re going to go for this lighting solution.

String Light Illumination

There’s something about fairy lights and string lights placed on a wall, along a shelf or headboard. The dainty appearance creates an enchanting ambience plus they can be placed pretty much anywhere to give a soft glow. Ideal as atmospheric lighting this style of light will work stronger paired with complimenting task lamps. Cluster together in a vase on a shelf or wrap around a bed post. Our Led String Lights feature whimsical crystal effect droplets that twinkle and sparkle when lit.

String lights in Litecraft

Ceiling suspension & decorative braided cables

Go for bolder and more industrial look by creating a vintage exposed cable wall fitting. Creating this look is simple with the use of ceiling suspension cables and some cleverly placed hooks. First of all, simply install one of our ceiling cables then place a ceiling hook above the area you’re hoping to illuminate, then simply hook the cable to the hook. The look can be completed with an exposed filament bulb attached to the cable. Litecraft offer a wide range of cables including coloured braided designs which are ideal for adding a pop of colour to the space. More so, if you want to create the same effect but for a double bedside wall design choose one of our cluster ceiling fittings. Have you any tips for wall lighting? Let us know in the comments below…

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