5 ways to add a touch of tribal to your outdoor spaces

With the summer months slowly creeping upon us it’s time to focus on your garden and outdoor spaces. Whether you have a sprawling few acres of land or a tidy little yard you can still give your outdoor spaces some tender loving care simply by adding a few accessories and light fittings. Tropical safari designs are the trend of the summer, think lots of organic and natural textures. Warm exotic tones together with subtle animal prints and faux fur finishes and not forget lots of greenery. Have a look at our top 5 ways to introduce a touch of tribal with some simple tips.

1. Safari Inspired Scatter Cushions

Comfort & cosiness is key for any outdoor space. With the often unreliable UK summer weather you can’t always guarantee a warm climate. But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your outdoor space. However, adding scatter cushions with lots of chunky throws will give you that extra warmth. Meaning you can keep warm & snuggle from sun- rise to sunset.

2. Outdoor Ground Lights

Create a guiding light to your veranda, porch or outdoor space with strategically placed ground lights. These handy little gadgets will light the way. Helping to promote a safe environment for your outdoor spaces. You can also use these little gems of light to highlight plants & shrubbery, which will emphasise the exotic African vibe. Just simply install along paths, steps & walkways sporadically to offer a safe approach to your outdoor area.

3. Bamboo & Succulents

It’s hard to come by an interior or exterior these days that doesn’t house some sort of plant, whether real or faux. Greenery is massively on trend this year so make sure to include this in your veranda space. Most gardens will already feature some sort of foliage, lawn or shrubbery. However, yards, porches & verandas can sometimes lack in the greenery department. To create an ‘African’ vibe we recommend displaying bamboo trees along the perimeters of your outdoor space or as an effective backdrop behind lounge furniture. Choose small succulent pots as table centre pieces & on outside window ledges.

4. Wicker & Bamboo Shades

For safety reasons Litecraft advise not to use any electrical fittings outdoor unless it has an IP44 rating. However, you can show off your creative side & dabble in a bit of DIY! All you need is some festoon lights & a easy fit ceiling shade. For the ‘Out of Africa’ look we advise you choose a wicker or bamboo finish to reference the natural & organic notion. Place the festoon light inside the shade to recreate an indoor pendant.

5. Rattan Furniture

Any alfresco haven wouldn’t be complete without some comfy patio furniture for you to lounge & laze on throughout those ‘hopefully’ hot summer months. Keep the organic theme going by choosing sturdy rattan or wicker designs. Don’t forget to dress your seating areas with lots of cushions & throws to create the ultimate outdoor cosy corner.