Poul Henningsen was one of Denmark's most influential designers and architects, Henningsen devoted his entire career to understanding light and how it could benefit our well being, he looked at how certain structures, materials and finishes when designed in specific ways could create a better light source. Henningsen was a valuable contributor to the field of lighting design, he focused on glare free designs that created a fixed illumination whilst featuring a simple structure.

Hennignsen's most famous work was his PH5 collection and his PH Artichoke Pendant, both designs featured an overlapping of metals. Influenced by simple living and simple forms he would use a series of layered shades that spread light evenly whilst also concealing the bulb fitting, his designs thus created a soft diffused ambience.

Henningsen's Artichoke pendant is a stunning design consisting of laser cut steel leaves, it was originally designed in three finishes, copper, white and brushed stainless steel, the fitting incorporated a natural, earthy Artichoke design with an industrial steel cut element.

Originally, Henningsen's PH5 Pendant was finished in a number of soft pastel colours but throughout the decades the fitting was only available in white or graphite finish. In 2008 to celebrate 50 years of PH's designs, Louis Poulsen commercially reintroduced 5 colours for the pendant. Known as PH50 the colours included Chilli Red, Mint Blue, Wasabi Green, Coconut White and Olive Black. Each design still features the renowned 3 and 4 tier function which integrates and diffuses illumination for a less harsh and glare free light. Most recently Louis Poulsen has created a smooth copper finished design which brings elements of industrialism up to date.