Glass lamp shades are a versatile option for home lighting. From traditional to contemporary styles, we have something to suit every home. Our guide to glass shades tells you everything you need to know.

Glass lamp shades can be a beautiful addition to your home decor. They have an attractive, elegant appearance that is truly timeless. Glass shades come in a range of styles, shapes and sizes to suit every room in your home. Some glass shades are even finished with patterns and decorations.

Glass is the perfect material for light shades as it allows light to pass through it. The result is bright and vibrant light. This means that glass light shades offer almost as much illumination as a bare light bulb.

Glass lamp shades are steeped in history. They were used in some of the earliest incarnations of modern day lighting, when chandeliers still used candles. Before the invention of plastic and chrome, glass was a very common material to use in lighting.

glass lamp shades

Traditional glass lamp shades

Traditional glass lamp shades have a very elegant and chic look. Their classic looks are perfect for creating a vintage inspired look in your home, which is so popular today.

Many glass lamp shades feature a traditional tulip shape, with a rippled edge. Pair this type of lamp shade with a traditional wood or antique brass lamp bases to create a timeless look and add character and charm to your home.

Litecraft also have a range of round, globe shaped light shades. Globe light shades have a more sixties look that will give your interior a stylish, retro twist. Mix with chrome bases and fittings to bring them up to date.

Coloured glass lamp shades

Many glass lamp shades come in white frosted glass, and this may be what you first think of when you picture glass shades. Muted shades such as white are perfect for traditional homes and for creating a more minimalist look.

However, not all glass light shades have to be plain. They are available in a range of colours as well as different textures and patterns. Litecraft stock glass lamp shades in blue and green as well as pink lamp shades!

Contemporary style glass lamp shades

Not all glass lamp shades are inspired by traditional designs. Glass is also being used in very modern designs today. Modern glass shades is a versatile medium that can be printed and coloured, for a wide range of decorative options.

Litecraft have a range of modern glass lamp shades to suit your contemporary home. Our best selling Arc Nero floor lamp includes modern glass lamp shades in an array of beautiful colours. We also have a range of sleek globe shaped glass lamp shades which would fit perfectly in a modern interior.

glass ceiling light shade

Glass ceiling lights and lamp shades

Glass lamp shades are versatile and can be used in a variety of settings. We have a range of glass lamp shades for ceiling lights as well as lamp bases. Some are even compatible with both, so you can match your shades. Before purchasing glass shades, check that they can be used with your desired fitting.

One of the main benefits of glass lamp shades is that they are extremely easy to fit. Glass shades can be simply attached to an existing fitting, whether it’s a ceiling light fitting or a lamp base. They require no electrical work or wiring, so you can get a brand new look in an instant.

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Tips for using glass lamp shades in your home

● If you’re looking for glass lamp shades for ceiling lights, check that the shade is compatible with your fitting. Many of our glass shades can be used for lamps and ceiling lights.

● Glass shades make perfect lamp shades for hallways. Their compact design fits in small, narrow spaces without overpowering them.

● Are your old antique lamps looking a bit tired? Update them with new replacement glass lamp shades to give them a brand new makeover whilst still retaining their vintage look.

● Glass lamp shades are delicate in nature, so place them in areas where there is a reduced risk of being knocked over or broken.

Our pick of the top 5 glass lamp shades

Here at Litecraft, we have a huge range of glass lamp shades available online. We  have picked our five favourites just for you, to give you some inspiration...

Frosted Glass Light Shade with Swirling Pattern

frosted glass lamp shades - Litecraft

This frosted glass lamp shade has a contemporary rounded shape that will fit perfectly with modern decor as well as traditional homes. We love the etched swirling pattern around the shade that adds interest to the design and allows light to shine through. Transform old light fittings and lamp bases with this stylish design.

Arc Nero Yellow Glass Light Shade

coloured glass light shade

One of our best selling lights, the Arc Nero floor light features coloured glass lamps. We especially love the retro mustard yellow colour, but they are also available in red, blue, green, black and white. These Arc Nero glass lamp shades are a great way to add a pop of colour to your room.

Alabaster Glass Ceiling Shade

glass ceiling shade

This beautiful uplighter will bring contemporary style to your home. It features a textured Alabaster glass bowl shade with an antique brass cap to complete the look. The uplighter will bounce light around the room and the glass shade will softly diffuse it for a beautiful effect.

Glass Pendant Ceiling Light

Although this is not official a glass light shade,we have included the Sau Paulo pendant light because we love it's modern design. This pendant light features a glossy, semi-transparent glass shade which softly diffuses light. Unlike conventional easy fit glass shades, this will require some installation work but the results will be amazing. Hang it in hallways, dining rooms and kitchen to make a chic style statement.

Pastel Blue Glass Lamp Shade

coloured glass lamp shade

Pastel colours are a big trend this season and this light shade comes in a beautiful shade of pastel blue. The simple, rounded shape will suit both modern and traditional interiors. The perfect way to update old lamps and light fittings.

Want to see  more glass shades? Litecraft stock a wide range of traditional and contemporary glass light shades on our website with free UK delivery available.