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Outdoor porch & security lighting for dark winter nights

As winter approaches, the days get shorter and the evenings get dimmer. The clocks go back and before you know it, you’re arriving home in the dark. Beat the dark winter nights with outdoor porch lighting and security lights.

Outdoor lighting is essential for the winter months. Is your home well equipped for the winter evenings? When you’re spending more time outside in the dark, it’s important that your outdoor spaces are well lit. Stumbling around a dark drive or porch is not only a little inconvenient but it could also be dangerous. A well lit entrance or driveway ensures that you can see exactly where you are walking, makes it easier to find your front door keys and helps you to feel more secure.

Here we look at some of the best ways to light your home for those dark winter evenings.

Outdoor wall lights

outdoor lighting for winter wall lights

One of the most effective ways to brighten your doorway and porch area is with outdoor wall lighting. Wall lights will provide a warm glow, so when you arrive home after a long day at work, you are greeted by a safe and bright entrance. Outdoor wall lights will also help to create a more welcoming feel for guests to your home.

When choosing wall lights for the front of your home, think about style as well as function. The light should provide a good level of illumination but it should also create a great first impression as it’s often one of the first things visitors will see. Porch lights are available in a range of styles, from contemporary such as the Colorado stainless steel wall light to more traditional lantern designs like the Arun white wall lantern.

Driveway lights

outdoor lighting for winter recessed ground lights driveway lighting

If you have a driveway at the front of your home, it is important to make sure it’s well illuminated. Navigating your way onto a pitch black driveway could end in an accident. Driveway lights will make sure you can see exactly where you are positioning your car, avoiding any risks of a bump or scrape.

Up your safety by lining your driveway with recessed ground lighting. This will increase visibility and mark out the area so you can see clearly. Lighting can be placed around the edge of the drive or on the driveway it’s self. When illuminating an area that may be driven over, make sure to opt for lights specifically for this purpose. Drive over lights are strong and durable enough to safely hold the weight of a car without being damaged.

Posts and pedestal lights

outdoor lighting for winter post lighting pedestal

Post and pedestal lights feature a lamp on a vertical base. They are a durable and versatile option for outdoor lighting. Post and pedestal lights can be used to define the edges of driveways and illuminate pathways to the front of your house, making it easier to navigate outdoor spaces in the dark. Unlike recessed lighting, post lights are often easier to see and won’t be covered by snow in the winter.

Posts light’s can also be placed at either side of your front door to light up this area. They are available in sleek styles such as this small stainless steel post light for a discreet look, or more decorative styles such as the Venezio black pedestal light if you want to make a feature of your outdoor lighting.

Security lights

security lighting for the home outdoor lighting for winter

Increase your level of safety during the winter by placing a security light on the front of your home. Many security lights are available with PIR sensors which light up automatically when they detect movement. This has two benefits: Firstly, it will instantly illuminate your outdoor spaces when you arrive home, making it easier to see where you are going. You don’t need to worry about turning the light on and it saves energy as the light is only in use when it’s needed. Secondly, a PIR sensor security light will increase your homes security by deterring intruders and alerting you to movement outside of your home.

Security lighting is available in a range of shapes and sizes to suit every home. The 400 watt flood light with PIR sensor will add bright, functional security lighting to your home whilst the Perry white half lantern light with PIR sensor will also add a touch of style.

What is an IP Rating?

When choosing outdoor lighting for your home, it is important that the light fitting meets the correct safety standards.  All outdoor lighting must be IP (Ingress Protection) rated. IP rating determines how protected against solids/dust and water ingress. It is vital that all outdoor lighting is protected against water, as it will come into regular contact with the elements.

The 1st number of an IP rating refers to the degree of protection against dust and solid objects and the 2nd number refers to water and moisture protection. The higher each number is, the safer it is for outdoor use. All outdoor lighting requires a minimum rating of IP44. This means that nothing bigger than 1cm can get inside the light, and that it is protected against splashing water.

Take a look at the illustration below for more information.

Outdoor lighting safety rating IP rating water protection guide


How to install outdoor lighting?

Before installing any outdoor lighting. Make sure that it is suitable for outdoor use and that it that has a high enough IP rating to be waterproof and durable. Mains voltage outdoor lighting must be installed carefully, with safety in mind. Wiring must be protected from moisture and metalwork should be earthed. All outdoor lighting that involves any sort of electrical installation must comply with UK safety regulations and standards.

For these reasons, we strongly recommend using a qualified electrician to fit your outdoor lighting. An electrician will ensure that all wiring and sockets are properly installed. And protected from hazards.

Does your outdoor lighting need updating for the winter? Make sure that your home is safe and bright with a few lights around your porch and drive. Litecraft have a huge range of outdoor wall lights. Driveway lights, posts and pedestal lights and security lights to help you illuminate your porch and driveway. Browse our full range of outdoor lighting here.

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