Our Guide to Wall Lights tells you everything you need to know about how to choose wall lighting for your home.

Each room in your home has different purposes which change throughout the day, and lighting should reflect this. A layered lighting effect allows you to change the level of lighting, depending on the activity that is taking place or the mood you want to create. Wall lights are an important element in layering your lighting as they add welcoming accent light to a room. They create pools of light, illuminate dark corners and accentuate decorative features.

Wall lighting can be the perfect finishing touch to your decor. Because they are generally at eye level, these have a decorative impact so you can make a real style statement with your choice of wall lighting.

Wall sconces 

wall lights, uplighters and wall sconces from Litecraft

Good for: Diffused accent lighting, mood lighting

Wall sconces  are an easy way to create mood lighting, especially uplighters which bounce light up onto the ceiling for a soft, diffused look.

In your living room, wall sconces are great for relaxing evenings in front of the TV. When a bright ceiling light is too much.  Wall lights are a stylish alternative to bedside lamps and create the perfect amount of light for bedtime reading. Placed along hallways and stairs, wall lights will add a warm and welcoming atmosphere to your home.

These come in a huge range of styles, including traditional chandelier wall lights, candle shaped lights, glass crescents and modern chrome wall sconces.

Many of our wall lights are designed to match ceiling lights, but they can also be mixed and matched to create an individual style statement.

Wall Spotlights

wall spotlights from Litecraft

Good for: Focused lighting, adjustable lighting

Wall mounted spotlights are perfect for highlighting specific areas of your home or special objects such as paintings and ornaments. With adjustable arms, they deliver focused beams of light. This can be adjusted to project the light exactly where you need it.

Wall mounted spotlights are a great option for functional rooms. For example kitchens and bathrooms as they can be positioned to allow light to be projected onto a specific area such as worktops, and sinks.

Picture lights

wall lights and picture wall lights

Good for: Creating decorative features

Add picture lights to your living room, dining room, bedroom or hallway to show off your favourite pieces of wall art. Picture lights can be placed above pieces of art and family photographs to beautifully illuminate and highlight then. They are also a great way to add soft and gentle accent lighting to a room.

Picture lights are available in a range of chrome and antique brass finishes. So you can match them to your home decor.

How to install 

There are no rules or regulations on how high or low to hang wall lights. So you can hang them where you feel they look best. However, the general convention is to mount wall lights three quarters of the way up a wall. So, if you have a room with ceilings 8 feet high, your wall lights should be hung around 6 feet from the ground.

Most wall light fittings require electrical work. So we suggest hiring a professional electrician to install your wall lights safely and correctly.

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