Wall lights: They’re simple, effective, and stylish. A great addition to any home, and one which almost anyone is able to obtain. “What are they?” You may ask; they’re exactly what they say on the package, lights that fit onto your walls. So, what makes this kind of lighting so special and how can you find the right one for your home? We won’t lie, it isn’t easy. There are a lot of options and a lot of factors to consider, and that’s where this guide comes in! This guide looks to make your journey in finding the perfect lighting as easy as possible by offering you helpful hints and tips; meaning you’ll have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to the final decision and you will be able to make a calculated and educated choice that will benefit your home massively. Your path to mesmerising lighting start here…


The Structure

­­­­­­When it comes to the structure, there are a few different variations on offer to you, all of which will provide a different form of lighting that can be used in a variety of situations depending on your personal needs and preferences. The three main structures that you will want to consider when finding your new wall lights are:

  • Uplight: This style is a great addition to your home if you’re looking for a way to bring softer lighting into your home which will create a calm and soothing mood within the interior. Uplighters function is a very self-explanatory way; they have a shade which directs the light towards the ceilings, and this produces light which isn’t as harsh and direct as the lighting given out by other kinds of fitting. Bringing uplight wall lights into your home gives it a relaxed feel, and makes it a much more comfortable place to spend your time, which is an effect every room aims to achieve.
  • Downlight: The next style that you will want to consider is the downlights, which are the opposite of the uplighter. Downlights operate in the exact opposite way to uplights, as they shine the light downwards and produce lighting that is more focused, direct, and purposeful. This makes these lights far more useful as task lighting as they are able to give clear lighting to the areas that require it. A brilliant example of this style of light is this Calore 2 Light LED Bathroom Wall Light – Chrome, as it gives out brilliant lighting in a distinctive downwards fashion. This light is great for producing fantastic lighting when required, and is also suitable for bathroom use too!
  • All-Round: Do you find yourself torn between the two styles previously mentioned? Do you want to combine these styles in one ultra-useful piece? If so, the All-Round wall lights sound like the ideal choice for you! This style of light produces lighting from both ends, giving out the soft light of an uplighter, but also the direct and purposeful light found with a downlighter. This means you don’t have to choose between the two, as you can just incorporate both of these stunning styles into your home.
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    The Look

    As we all know, the look of a fitting is one of the most crucial details there is. You simply must find the right aesthetics for your interior. Luckily for you, there’s a wall light to fit everyone’s taste so you needn’t worry about being unable to find one. Whether your style is modern or traditional, vintage or contemporary, there’s something for everyone! Many homes look for a very elegant and contemporary image in their home, and fittings such as this Tegg 1 Light LED Water Drop Wall Pendant – Gold are absolutely brilliant for creating a modern look. This fitting has a beautiful design, but the simplicity and the smooth curves help to produce a modern twist alongside the very classy image that this piece has.

    However, that look may not be for everyone, as some may choose to opt for something which is a little more unique and alternative than you would usually see. For people who are looking for those kinds of styles, maybe take a look at this Perla 1 Light Champagne Tinted Glass Wall Light – Chrome! This marvellous wall light has a very unusual look, thanks to the moulded glass and the unique bend that this gives to the light.

    So, no matter what image you’re after, there’s bound to be a perfect wall light out there for you!

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    Technical Aspects

    When it comes to the technical aspects of a wall light, it’s fairly straightforward on the whole. You want to find a fitting that produces suitable light for your interiors whilst also bringing a stylish look as well. However, there are a few little additions you can look for which will make them more functional and easy to use around your home. One of the fittings which does this superbly is the Sammi Decorative Wall Light with Pull Cord Switch - 2 Light – Chrome, as it manages to combine a stylish look with the increased practicality of the pull cord feature. The pull cord allows you to control the fitting with ease as all you have to do is pull the string rather than go all the way over to the switches to turn it on or off.


    One Last Thought

    When it comes to lighting, it’s all down to personal preference. So ultimately the choice must come down to you. If you find a light that you love, that’s the one you should go for. It’s all about what makes you happy within your home, and this guide can only steer you in the right direction towards that. If you’re still undecided on wall lights, take a look at our full range of wall lights and find something that catches your eye!

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