A guide to using coloured mood lighting from Litecraft

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A guide to coloured mood lighting

Have you ever thought about adding mood lighting to your home? The key to a successful home lighting scheme is layered lighting. Every room needs a layer of bright ambient lighting for practicality as well as layers of focused task lighting and softer ambient lighting. Coloured lighting is a fun and creative way to add ambient mood lighting to your home.

A guide to coloured mood lighting

Colour changing LED lights and strip lighting will give a room charm and personality as well as helping to set the mood for every occasion. Colour changing strip lights and light bulbs allow you to choose a colour depending on the feeling you wish to create. Want to create a cosy and relaxing feeling for a night on the sofa? Yellow light is warm and comforting, perfect for setting a the mood for intimate family get together and movie nights. Red is the colour of love and passion. For a romantic dinner date, switch up your standard white dining room light for a hot red glow. Looking for a more calming effect? Blue is known for creating a feeling of peace and serenity, perfect if you want to stay relaxed in the bedroom or bathroom.

Mood lighting can be one of the most enjoyable yet confusing types of lighting to add to your home as there are many different options available. Take a look at our guide to mood lighting for helpful advice on how to light up your home with colour.

Coloured LED Light Bulbs

Green dining room lighting coloured light bulbs

One of the quickest and easiest ways to add a colourful glow to your home is with coloured light bulbs. Our range of GU10 coloured LED light bulbs can be used as replacements for any GU10 light bulb. Simply switch the bulb from your standard GU10 bulbs to enjoy a colourful lighting effect in any room. Coloured light bulbs can be added to lamps, ceiling lights and wall lights for a touch of luminous colour. What’s more, coloured light bulbs are great if you’re looking for a temporary effect. Want to give your dining room a colourful makeover for a dinner party? Coloured light bulbs can be added and removed whenever you feel like it.

Litecraft’s coloured GU10 light bulbs are available in green, yellow, blue and red. For a more flexible option, try the colour-changing LED bulb. This multi coloured GU10 light bulb will fill your room with a rainbow of colour.

LED Coloured Strip Lighting

Add a colourful dimension to your room with LED strip lighting. For instance, these strips of light are often used in commercial settings such as restaurants and bars. However, they are becoming increasingly popular for unique home lighting.

Colour changing strip lights LED lighting

LED strip lighting is available in a wide range of colours. However, the best way to add flexible mood lighting to your home is with colour changing strip lighting. More so, they involve a strip of individual LED lights that can be cut to size or joined together. The colour of light can be easily changed with the remote included. Perfect for changing the ambiance of a room to suit your mood.

Philips coloured lighting strip lighting

Strip lighting is perfect for enhancing your decor and highlighting different areas of a room. The flexibility of it means you can place it almost anywhere. It bends around corners and curves and can be cut to any length to fit a space. Strips can be used anywhere you want to add a surprise touch of coloured light. Place them underneath sofas and cupboards or inside shelves for subtle glow of colour. Alternatively, run a length of LED strip lighting along kitchen cabinets and plinths. Furthermore, this will light up your kitchen area with colour.

Strip lighting makes a great addition to a modern home. Therefore, choose from our range of colour changing LED strip lighting. For instance, our 5 metre strip with 150 lights or a 5 metre strip with 300 lights.

Colour-changing Lamps

Why not switch up your old lamps for something a little more exciting and contemporary? More so, Colour changing lamps use the latest LED technology to give you unlimited possibilities. for instance, when it comes to mood lighting. Litecraft’s range of new Philips LivingColor lamps provide a huge range of different coloured light. For instance, they are interactive and perfect for adding a colourful glow to your home. These innovative lamps can change the way your home looks in an instant.

LivingColors colour changing lamp

Philips LED colour changing lamps let you play with colour and offer a diversity of lighting to suit every mood. Whether you want to create a relaxing ambiance or a party atmosphere.

Philips colour changing lamp

Philips Iris table lamp

The Philips Iris table lamp has a huge 16,000,000 colour options to choose from. A remote control allows you to switch between the vast array of colours. As well as dim the lights and adjust the colour intensity. It also features an automatic colour changing mode so you can relax and enjoy a rainbow of changing colours. The Iris table lamp has the brightest light in the LivingColors range. With an output of 210 lumens. Futhermore, the diffused lighting effect lets the colours blend seamlessly into your interior. For instance, this stunning Philips table lamp is the perfect way to add coloured mood lighting to your living room or bedroom.


Lastly, the Philips LivingColors range includes a variety of colour changing lamps. More so, in different sizes and shapes, including the stunning Aura lamp and the smaller Mini table lamp. There’s even a range of lamps for children’s room. Also, decorated with Disney characters from Mickey & Minnie to Planes.

Lastly, Litecraft have a wide range of lighting and bulbs that are perfect for adding contemporary coloured mood lighting to your home. To view our full lighting range online, click here. Let us know what you think about our mood lighting options in the comment section below or over on our Facebook page.


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