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The Complete Guide to Floor Lamps

The floor lamp is one of the most noble and trustworthy light fixtures in any interior. They produce consistently great lighting that is extremely useful and can create a fantastic mood throughout the entire room. They can bring style and elegance to your home too, so you don’t have to worry about them hindering the beautiful designs that you have put in place. There’s a lot of options when it comes to finding which lamp is right for you, and it can all get a little confusing if you don’t have all the information you need to make an educated decision. That’s where we come in! We’re here to give you all the info and advice you need to make the right decision and to help you get a lamp to be proud of! So, sit back, relax and enjoy the ride…


The Style

The best place to start is by learning about the various styles that are available to you, and what each one is capable of bringing to your home. By learning about the different styles you can filter out the type of lights that aren’t to your taste and figure out which would be best suited to a place in your home. The main styles to look out for are:

  • Mother and Child: These lamps feature two separate light sources on the same structure, and provide terrific light to the room. The first light is located at the top of the piece, and is usually in an uplighter style. This means that the light it gives out is directed upwards, and therefore the light is softer and less direct. The second light stems off of the main structure and faces downwards in a more direct and purposeful manner. This makes the lamp multi-functional; as it’s great for use as task light too. This Mother and Child Floor Lamp – Satin Chrome is a sublime example of this style of light, and showcases how they provide two different kinds of lighting which are both equally as important within an interior.
  • Uplighter: Uplighters are very similar to the Mother and Child style that we just spoke about, however they don’t feature the smaller task light at the side. The light exposed by these kinds of floor lamps is that from the upwards facing shade at the top. The shade is generally a dish shaped piece which directs the light towards the ceiling for a softer, more ambient, feel around the room. These lights are great for creating a calm and soothing atmosphere around your home.
  • Club Lamp: This style of lighting is one which you may have already seen dotted around homes before. These lamps have a very basic style – it is just a neck with a shade around the light at the top, however the light that they produce can be extremely useful as both task lighting, and for creating a vibrant atmosphere within an interior. The shades generally have a wider bottom, this produces a wide spread of lighting across the lower reaches of the room. The Paris 1 Light Stack Floor Lamp – Black is a beautiful lamp which showcases the stunning impact that one of these floor lamps can have on your home.
  • Down Bridge: This style of floor lamp brings yet another contrasting look to your home and yet another look that would be great within your home. The structure of this style of lamp tends to have a curved arm which leads to a downwards facing light. These are ideal for tasks lighting, and provides perfect lighting for calming activities such as reading, for example.

Take a look at our full range of floor lamps styles at our dedicated floor lamps page!


The Look

When it comes to floor lamps, the possibilities on the look you can go for are endless. There are so many different images that you can go for, each and every one is capable of bringing its own unique and stylish look to the interior. This means the look is something that takes a lot of consideration; it simply HAS to be done right! Getting the right image for your room can make a gorgeous addition to your home, and can really bring the whole décor up to the next level. When it comes to finding one to fit in with your room’s design, it helps to know what feel your home already has. If it has a more modern look, then this Parabolic Floor Lamp – Black may be a superb piece of lighting to introduce to the environment. This quirky modern look has distinctive connotations of a contemporary style, making this one of the perfect floor lamps for an urban interior. On the other hand, your home may have a more classy and elegant feel, where a fitting such as this 10 Light Tulip Bulb Style Stem Floor Lamp – Chrome may be more suitable. This piece has a very unique style, the way that the light shimmers and shines to produce a very classy appearance makes this a truly magnificent piece for interiors and décors looking to introduce a more sophisticated look to the proceedings.


The Decision

Making the decision is the hardest part about getting yourself a new lamp. You want to be absolutely sure that it’s the right one. There’s no guarantee that the one you pick is the right one, however if you stick to a few basic rules you can be pretty certain that you’ve made a god choice. First of all, make sure it fits into your interior. If it’s a modern interior, maybe go for something modern with chrome features and a unique design. If it’s a more vintage décor, maybe something with a retro style would be a better fit. Just use your instincts, and find something that YOU would like in your home. Next, consider what it is going to be used for. If it’s going to be something that is used for subtle task lighting, opt for a piece such as this Monroe 1 Light Modern Arc Floor Lamp – Chrome, as it provides great lighting for activities such as reading and similar tasks. You must also consider how it will work alongside your other fittings, you don’t want too much or too little, lighting in a room. The last thing to consider is the space you have, as larger floor lamps with more lighting exposure will require more space and vice versa, so you need to judge whether the lamps will work in the space you have available. Basically, it’s all about using good judgement in finding a floor lamp that is suitable for your home, and that you would be comfortable with having around your house.


One Last Thought

The last thing that I will leave you with is this; this guide isn’t set in stone, and each home is different to the next. This will mean that things that work in some interiors simply won’t in others. That’s what makes each interior such a joy to create, as it produces something wonderfully unique on each occasion. Finding the right floor lamps isn’t about following a set of instructions – it’s about finding the lamp that gives you the right feel and look for your home. It’s up to you to decide what lamps are right for you, and this guide just looks to offer some helpful hints, tips, and advice to help you on your way.



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