Our guide to hallway lighting includes everything you need to know about illuminating your hallway and entrance spaces.

The hallway is not a space we spend a lot of time gathering in, so you might think lighting is not that important. But the hallway is usually the entrance to your home and it’s the first thing that visitors see. Hallway lighting plays a crucial role in setting the tone of your home and creating the right first impression.

Hallways are often small, narrow rooms that act as a transitional space in our home. Some hallways lack windows and natural light, so they can also be dark. Getting your hallway and entrance lighting right can help to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere for guests as well as making it appear larger and brighter. Hallway lighting is vital to illuminate the space and make it safe and functional.

How to light your hallway & entrance space

When considering hallway lighting, you should aim to set a warm and welcoming tone rather than a harsh, bright one. This can be achieved with a combination of ambient lighting and accent lighting.

Ambient lighting is the main source of lighting in a room and provides an even, overall glow. This usually comes in the form of ceiling lights.

Accent lighting is used to complement ambient lighting. Wall lights and table lamps can be used to illuminate dark corners or create cosy pools of light in key areas.

Hallway ceiling lights

hallway ceiling lighting

Hallways often have a lot of foot traffic from people coming and going all day. For this reason, ceiling lights should be kept high and out of the way. Try semi-flush ceiling lights, which come in a great range of styles and finishes. Recessed downlights are also a great choice for small hallways and will add a sleek, modern appearance.

However, if you have the luxury of height, then consider hallway chandeliers or pendant lighting. These can look great in hallways with open staircases, as they focus attention on the height of the room and create a dramatic feel.

Hallway lamps

hallway lighting table lamps and floor lamps

Lamps are the perfect way to add accent lighting to your hallway. If you have a storage unit or a small table in your hallway, try adding a table lamp to highlight the area and to add soft accent lighting to the space.

Floor lamps are especially great for hallways which often lack space and surfaces. A space saving floor lamp can be placed in a corner to create a style statement as well as providing a great source of illumination.

Hallway wall lights

hallway lighting wall lights

If your hallway is narrow with limited floor space, think about using wall lights to add accent lighting. Wall lights can be installed at regular intervals along hallways and up staircases, to illuminate the way and to create a beautiful lighting feature.

Wall lights come in a range of styles so they’re the perfect finishing touch to your decor. Because they sit at eye level, they can create a real decorative impact in your hallway.

Hallways are a great space to display paintings and photographs, which can be highlighted with the help of wall lights. Place a wall light on either side or a picture light above to illuminate your artwork.

Uplighters and wall sconces will bounce light upwards onto the ceiling for a soft, diffused look that’s perfect for hallways.

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