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A Guide to Brazilian Inspired Interiors

A Guide to Brazilian Inspired Interiors

It’s Rio time yet again, and you know what that means; Brazilian inspired designs are back! Here are our top tips on how to turn your home into a Brazilian carnival this summer, featuring…

    • Colour;
    • Design;
    • Inspiration.

In the summer of 2014, the whole world fell in love with the Brazilian culture during the World Cup. They brought a great spectacle to the occasion and really offered a sense of vibrancy to the entire show. This summer looks set to be no different. Also, as the Olympic fever takes over in Rio and the party starts yet again! More so, get ready for the samba style and carnival feel on the Copacabana Beach once more and join the Brazilian natives as they celebrate their enthusiastic and unique culture!

However, these themes are not just limited to their lifestyle and personalities. It is also apparent in their design, craft, and interior. As you are able to see the proud heritage and the burst of colour within their homes. Now, this may be something that you would like, but maybe don’t quite know how to implement into your own home. Therefore, that’s where we come in. This guide is going to show you the best ways to bring that Brazilian feel right into your home. In the most magnificent fashion, so prepare to be amazed.


Right, let’s kick this off by talking about one of the most important parts of the culture and style in the beautiful country of Brazil; colour. The vibrant colours play a huge part in the day to day life of the Brazilians. Also, you can expect to see plenty of flamboyance and bursts of colour at the Rio Olympics this summer.  Firstly, two of the most popular colours you’ll see in any Brazilian interior are a deep and leafy green colours and a bright and radiant splash of yellow. Secondly, this comes from their use on the national flag of this beautiful nation.


So, now the problem you face is trying to bring this feel into your very own home without it looking messy or disjointed. One fantastic way to do so could be to add this brilliant Checkers Green Bankers Task Lamp in Brass to a side table or corner unit to create useful and attractive lighting within your interior whilst also giving an injection of Brazilian style to your entire room at the same time. This lamp features a brass neck, which hints at the rustic and natural backgrounds of the culture, and the green shade gives the subtle hint of colour that brings this look to life.

Alternatively, you could also opt for a slightly bolder piece which would have more impact in solidifying the Brazilian vibe within the room. A great example of a piece which is capable of that is the glorious  Tiffany Easy to Fit Deep Dish Up lighter Ceiling or Lamp Shade with a Multi-coloured finish, as it brings a truly vibrant yellow look whilst also introducing some more rustic and authentic features which brings a much more delicate and personal sense to the room. This superb shade is also multi-functional, it can be used as both an up lighter and a lamp shade. Therefore meaning it is a very customization and versatile feature to have in your household.

C01-JS2751 (3)


The next area to focus on with this Brazilian theme is the designs that they tend to use. Furthermore, how you could achieve that kind of feel within your own home. For instance, the designs used in this South American samba style interior usually have deep ethnic roots and commonly stem from the African and Portuguese roots that Brazil has.

African Patterns

Also, the African theme comes in the forms of designs and patterns, and the Portuguese or Brazilian heritage within the style comes from the excellent craftsmanship and the use of raw local materials in the manufacture. The natural resources found in the area can be truly stunning, and are also exceptionally high quality so you know your style looks good and is reliable for years to come.

A great example of this kind of look is this Honey 1 Light Wicker Wave Ceiling Pendant in a Natural finish, as it keeps hold of the stunning rural look whilst also adding a stylish look and excellent form of lighting to your home. For an alternative look to this one, consider this Milton Easy to Fit Light Shade Wicker Woven Cylinder, as it brings a unique shape and look to the room. The natural resources and hand crafted look offer a quirky and unusual vibe to this wonderful shade.



Leading on from this, there is an abundance of top class designers hailing from the country thanks to the marvelous and distinctive styles they have, and the culture that they are exposed to as they grow up. Designers such as the Campaña brothers – Humberto and Fernando – helped to revolutionize the field of design and the arts in Brazil, thanks to their unique style and exquisite designs. Take a look at the work of the designers who inspired a generation here!

Rodrigo Almeida

Designers such as the Campaña’s helped pave the way for a new breed of Brazilian designers. For instance, one of whom has developed his own beautiful style which is loved the world over; Rodrigo Almeida. Almeida has a love for design, and likes to feature natural and local resources in his work to create a more rustic and authentic all round feel. More over, his unique designs also have a rather unique contemporary style. Which has made him one of the biggest designers in the country.


This Kensington 3 Light Glass Mesh Ceiling Pendant in Smoke carries excellent connotations of their work. For instance, as the contemporary style is constructed from wonderful materials and has a magnificent modern and contemporary style. Also, another designer who is seen as one of the forefathers of Brazilian design is Oscar Niemeyer. One of the most respected and trendsetting architects in the business. Furthermore, Niemeyer had a love for using luscious curves in his work, and the results were tremendous.


For instance, one ingenious way to bring this kind of look into your own home is by using this 1 Light Glass Shade Ceiling Pendant with Smoked Glass Inner Shade in Copper. Furthermore, this fitting follows the same principles that Oscar followed in his own work. In addition it keeps things very simple yet stylish in a fashion which features subtle curves and an elegant feel.

C01-JS0370 (4)

Final Thoughts…

There you have it, Brazilian inspired interiors – made easy! If you liked the vibrancy that the epic mixture of colours brings, or the rustic feel of the natural materials, then this look is absolutely perfect for you and your home. Now, let’s look forwards to yet another awe inspiring summer of Brazilian sport, and plenty more magical designs along the way!

If you liked this guide and you’d like some more hints and tips on how to make your home a better place, check out our dedicated blog today!

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