The bedroom is that one room in the house where you should leave all your worries behind, lay your head on a plump pillow and sink into a peaceful slumber. Your bedroom should be a haven of tranquillity which can be achieved through schemes of ambient lighting. Create ambience that will aid sleep with the use of bedside lighting.

Decluttering your space is key to a tranquil bedroom, too much clutter can create a stressful environment which in turn can affect the way you sleep. So make sure you free up areas near to the bed such as the night stand to give a sense of organisation and order. There are so many other ways to introduce bedside lighting without actually having a bedside table lamp. Here we’ll look at ways to light up bedtime in a more decluttered fashion, looking at three bedside lighting alternative Schemes:

  • floor lamps;
  • wall sconces;
  • pendants.

Bedside Lighting Floor Lamps

Positioning floor lamps either side of a bed can save up space on a bedside table. Choose adjustable task lamp styles that can be angled over the bed for nighttime reading. Or lamps with a large head for a wider scope of light. Then simply adjust the angle of the head lamp away when you’re ready to doze off. Go for a slim base design such as our Industrial Style Adjustable Floor Lamp so it can easily slide under the bed or bedside table for a neat and compact finish. Or a tripod design that will still allow for storage underneath. Our mother and child range are perfect for adding both ambient bedside lighting and task lighting as the collection features an uplighter as well as a flexible spotlight.

Bedside Lighting 1 Light Industrial Style Adjustable Floor Lamp - Antique Brass

Bedside Lighting 1 Light Tripod Industrial Style Floor Lamp - Wood & Satin Chrome

Bedside Lighting Mother and Child Floor Lamp

Bedside Lighting Mother and Child Floor Lamp

Wall Sconces for Bedside Lighting

Take advantage of your walls! Beside wall sconces are great for giving a unified ambience across the whole of the bedroom, particularly when introduced as part of a bedside lighting scheme with a complimenting ceiling fitting. They are also an ideal space saving tip.

Sconces that sit flush to the wall are perfect for ambience and to give a soft glow as well as offering a slim-line modern feature to the room. Or choose twin armed designs for a more unified and doubled bedside lighting illumination. However, flush wall sconces and twin armed designs, whilst offering a beautiful ambience, won’t necessarily help when reading or working in bed.

For this you need to look at task wall lights such as swing arm designs or adjustable scissor styles. Task wall lamps work the same way as task floor lamps. They will provide a direct pool of light over a specific area. Depending on the angle that the head lamp and arm is adjusted towards. Swing arm designs such as our Frankfurt Wall light can be pulled round to direct light over the bed, then pushed away when not in use.

A great decluttering tip which also works well if you want to avoid drilling into the walls is to use clip and clamp lighting directly attached to the head board. This style of lamp will also bring the illumination closer to you. Clip on lights are great little task lights that can be directed to give a direct pool of light to a specific area. They also limit the amount of clutter, hide wires behind the headboard for a clear and spacious feeling.


A trend that has become popular just these last few years and which offers a dreamier and more luxurious twist is the use of pendants as bedside lighting. Hanging simple pendant styles low above a bedside table immediately frees up surface space whilst still producing ample illumination. This look has a high end quality to it which will also require some electrical rewiring.

Dome shaped pendants in a transparent finish such as glass or acrylic will best illuminate this space. As the light will shine out as well as down from the opening. Pendants such as our Globe LED Faded Ceiling Pendant or our Ornate Glass Ceiling Pendant are great for this look.

If you’re after a more edgy yet contemporary feature. We recommend choosing a simple decorative cable with a single filament bulb suspended neatly above the bedside table. This will add enough light but still in-keeping with the spacious and decluttered notion. Litecraft offer an exclusive range of decorative twisted cables. Available in 4 colours including a jazzy Herringbone design and can be purchased with the addition of one of our vintage filament bulbs. Hang asymmetrically either side of the bed for an artistic twist. Or attach a hook to the wall to which the cable can rest on for a more directed light. And what bedside space saving tips would you recommend?