Tips for lighting up your bar with pendants

Pendants and tips for lighting up your bar with them

Giving a stylish tone to your home can be a very tricky task, as there are so many different areas and spaces which need to have their own unique and specific style of light for example a pendant, in order to function effectively whilst also looking phenomenal! One of the most inventive areas to design a lighting setup for within any household is the bar zone, where you will look to entertain guests and create a classy and sophisticated feel for a relaxed environment.

The way that you light up your bar is likely going to set the entire tone for the area that the bar is situated in, as well as the mood of the event that you are using it for, so it’s important to use lights which create the perfect atmosphere! This article looks to give you a helping hand on bar lighting, making sure you have a truly wonderful bar area within your home. Read on to find out more!

The main things that we will look at in this blog are:

  • different kinds of pendant lights available and tips on this:
  • tips on which style is best suited to your bar;
  • tips on how to combine the image of your bar and pendant effectively.

What are the different kinds of pendants available

When it comes to the pendants category, there is a variety of different styles available, each offering a different impact which makes them useful for different purposes. One of the most popular themes that you can use for your bar area is one with a sophisticated modern image, offering a stunning sense of style to the room alongside useful illumination which will create a very elegant mood for a soothing and comforting atmosphere within the room. Pendant lights come in a variety of sizes and shapes, from single handing features to multilight spirals and bars, there is something to suit the size and style of every interior. The 5 Light Chisel Prism Bar Ceiling Pendant in Smoke is a great example of a contemporary pendant bar that can be used above your bar, giving a smooth sense of elegance with a stylish modern twist.

Tips for lighting up your bar with pendants


Which style is best suited to your bar

This mostly depends upon the size of your bar. You wouldn’t want to overshadow the bar with a light that is ridiculously too big. However you also won’t want to have too small a fitting above the bar, as this won’t offer a wide enough spread of light to the area.A single pendant such as the 1 Light Mid Century Inspired Ceiling Pendant with Smoke Glass Shades in Brass and Smoked. These are a great idea for the smaller bar areas. Thus giving a nice glow to the space which surrounds it. As an alternative to these smaller one light features, pendant bars offer a much wider and far more effective coverage across the room. Therefore making them a fantastic addition to interiors with a larger bar.

Tips for lighting up your bar with pendants

Combining the image of your bar and pendants

Creating a flowing theme inside of your home where the different features and fittings compliment each other in a way which doesn’t detract from the effect of each other. This really is a special thing to behold. With the two different styles working in tandem to offer an insanely fashionable feel to your home. There are two ways that you can tackle this. You can either have your bar and pendant matching in the same style. For example a sleek modern theme. Or you can choose contrasting styles. Such as a traditional style bar and a trendy modern bar. Which will allow you to introduce conflicting themes into your home in a very effective manner!

Tips for lighting up your bar with pendants

Tips for lighting up your bar with pendants

We hope this gives you a basic idea of how to begin putting together your bar’s lighting arrangement. This helps you to give a really useful and stylish look and feel to the interior. The ideal style of light in these areas will give a relaxed mood to the room. Whilst also keeping the room light and visible. So be sure to find a fitting which offers the right glow to the area!

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