To help you explore different ways to inject some personality and style into your home and understand the range of possibilities available with feature walls, we’re throwing the spotlight on everything from statement lighting solutions, block accent colours to painted murals and textured finishes.


copper wall light
Industrial Diner Style Wall Light in Copper

Statement Lighting Solutions

If you want to add character while maintaining an air of practicality, wall lighting can help you achieve this. Whether it’s for decorative purposes or to illuminate pictures or shelves, lighting is a great way to draw attention to a picture or mirror, or simply the wall itself. Alternatively, cleverly placed floor lamps can be the ideal accompaniment to a feature wall, helping to frame the space as well as provide an ambient lighting option that will bathe the entire room in a warm and welcoming glow.


statement lighting bathroom picture wall light
Bathroom Picture Wall Light in Satin Nickel
curved floor lamp
Large Arc Floor Lamp in Chrome

Bold Block Colours

Your colour choices will very much depend on the vibe you want the room to give off. Therefore, if you’re prepared to be bold, a block colour wall could be the perfect way for you to pack some personality into a room. One of the advantages here is, once you’re settled on a general colour theme for a room, you can trial different shades to find out which complement the overall aesthetic you’re trying to achieve. Additionally, our feature wall could just be the thing that ties it all together.


statement lighting brass wall light
Visconte Flusso LED Wall Light in Antique Brass

Elaborately Painted Murals

Whether you’re artistic yourself, have to draft in an expert or simply resort to easy-to-use stencils, murals can turn a once dull wall into a real work of art. From the bedroom to the bathroom, thanks to their versatility, murals can add instant impact to any space within the home. You can draw the eye in with outlandish cartoon colours or keep it classy by opting for one shade. While a backdrop of a waterfall might be right at home in a cool blue bathroom, a collage of jungle animals might be more suited to a kid’s bedroom. Therefore, when it comes to the design, the possibilities are practically endless.

3D Textured Materials

To really bring a new edge to a room, why not experiment with 3D features? With rustic split face tiles, faux grass or layered plywood panels, you can take your walls from bland and boring and turn them into real showstopping focal points. If space is on the limited side, you’ll need to be savvy with your ideas. The last thing you want is for your 3D wall to start taking over what little space you have to begin with. If this is the case, you could opt for gilded wallpaper to create the illusion of a raised effect or only focus on the top half of the wall and extend this to the ceiling.