We know how difficult it can be to light up any household. Each home has its own unique structure and design, therefore needing lighting which is tailored to suit its individual needs. One of the most difficult tasks when it comes to lighting is introducing the right style of illumination to smaller spaces, as the limited room restricts the kind of fittings you can use, as well as the size of the lights. Making the most of your lighting arrangements is sure to make your small spaces feel and look much larger, and will make your home feel far less cramped than you’d have thought was ever even possible! This guide looks to offer you the most important hints and tips for giving light to a small space, so read on to find out more!

We’re going to give you a run through of all of the do’s and don'ts for lighting up smaller spaces, covering the following basic topics:

  • how to make the most of small spaces;
  • the best fittings for small spaces;
  • deceiving fixtures to be wary of;
  • lights you definitely should avoid in smaller rooms.

Making the most of small spaces

Small spaces are an intriguing project to take on in terms of design, as it is a real test of how well you can utilise every single inch of space effectively to create an immensely stylish and useful feel within your interiors. There are a few simple tricks that you can use to do this, helping to give a more spacious look to your home. Firstly, you can use lots of mirrors inside of the interiors, and then shine the light off these. This will help your home to feel bigger, giving a less cramped and more airy feel to the interiors inside of it. Another excellent way to create a wider and larger image for your home’s smaller spaces is by using features which have a glossy or shiny finish, as this again gives a reflective gleam to the room which can help to produce an endless façade.

 small spaces lighting tips - Mirrors -Litecraft Lighting up small spaces with Mirrors

Best fittings to use in smaller spaces;

First and foremost, size is the first factor to consider when shopping for the lights to use in your home. Experts suggest the lights have to be proportionate to the space that is available whilst also being suitable for the image and theme that you are looking to create inside of the room. This makes flush lights a terrific addition to your interiors. With the minuscule drop height and simple ceiling mounted structure helping to reduce the space needed for your lights. Whilst also giving a brilliant shine across the interior. Flush fittings can come in a range of different shapes and styles. So there is sure to be a stylish yet practical light fixture for your home. For an interior searching for a more modern theme, take a look at our fabulous experts pick contemporary flush lighting range today!

Lighting up small spaces with Flush Lighting Lighting up small spaces with Flush Lighting

Lighting up small spaces with Flush Lighting

Lights to use cautiously with reduced space

Now there are certain fittings which seem like they will work wall within interiors where space is at a premium. However it is important to make sure you don’t fall into some of the same pitfalls that so many do. One example is using lamps on side tables. Which on the face of it seems to be a space saving method of bringing light to your home. However in reality it actually wastes valuable surface space which could be used far more effectively. With this being said, experts suggest there are still other ways that you can utilise accent lighting. within your smaller interiors with wall lights being a superb choice!

Lighting up small spaces with Wall Lighting   Lighting up small spaces with Flush Lighting

Lights to avoid using in small spaces

Lastly we’re going to cover the styles of lights which you should be sure to avoid in interiors. In places where you don’t have too much space. Which will help you to maximise the area that you do have at your disposal. One of the worst styles of fitting for small rooms are pendant lights. This is because they require a large drop height in order to be effective. Therefore makes them look too big and out of place in a smaller room. Chandeliers are also a poor choice for small spaces. With the bold elegance being a little too overwhelming when used in such a tight area.

We hope these hints and tips help you to bring a wonderful feel to the smaller interiors inside of your home. Also making them a more effective space to spend your time. These do’s and don’ts should guide you down the right path. Allowing you to give excellent lighting to the household. For more guides, hints, and tips on lighting be sure to take a look at our blog. Here you can find guidance on absolutely any lighting topic! To start shopping with Litecraft today. Visit us online or in one of our UK stores where you can browse our full range. And chat to our representatives!


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