Low ceiling look bigger in the home... How to do this

Bigger isn't always better and they do say good things come in small packages. Having a large home isn't essential for everyone, if you're living on your own or the kids have flown the nest, a smaller home is ideal. Think cute cottages, a dainty dormer-bungalow or a modest terrace, all these styles of home can easily be decorated to look just as nice or even nicer than a larger home. There's just one issue when it comes to smaller homes and that's space, there isn't always a lot of space for everything you want in your home, from furniture to storage, but there are a number of tricks and techniques to use that will give the illusion of a bigger space for your small low ceiling homes. The 3 main elements to think about when decorating a small low ceiling home is Lighting, Colour and Accessories.


One of the main aspects to think about in small low ceiling rooms is lighting. Illumination is key for small spaces, bringing light into a room whether it's natural or artificial will always give the illusion that the room is bigger. There are so many options when it comes to lighting up small homes you'd be surprised. Litecraft offer a range of light fittings perfect for smaller rooms from flush and semi-flush to dual mounted chandeliers and recessed spotlights.

Flush fittings for small low ceiling rooms

There are two styles of flush fittings, Flush and Semi-flush. The simple flush will sit completely flush with no gap between the fitting and the ceiling, these are usually up-lighting and feature a glass dome-like shade. These little gems are ideal for small low ceiling rooms as they take up little to no room whilst still giving off a sufficient amount of light. Litecraft offer a great range of flush fittings from traditional to contemporary, featuring sleek opal glass or etched frosted style to suit every taste. Semi flush fittings hang slightly lower than the flush style with a small gap between the ceiling and the fitting. This style of fitting offers a more attractive element boasting multi-arms and sometimes glass shades.

The multi-armed aspect is great for giving separate pools of direct light around the whole room. Litecraft stock a wide selection of semi-flush fittings and some of our designs offer complimenting table and floor lamps. Another great flush style of fitting is flush wall lighting. This style of additional lighting is a great way of adding spots of illumination onto forgotten areas,  ideal for highlighting wall features and dark spots and as they give a large pool of light up towards the ceiling this elongates the room, giving the illusion of more height. We stock a selection of these crescent flush wall lights at Litecraft.

Dual-mount fittings for small low ceiling rooms

We all know that a chandelier will take centre stage in any room. They ooze opulence and grandeur, crystal chandeliers are great for small rooms. The crystals help bounce the light around the room. The issue is the scale of these fittings, they can take up a lot of ceiling space and particularly in small low ceiling rooms they can make a room feel even smaller and a ceiling even lower. With dual-mounted chandeliers you're able to choose the length of the fitting to suit the height of your ceiling. We offer a selection of dual-mounted fittings in our chandelier range all with an adjustable chain element, remove the chains for a flush look or add several chain hoops for a small hanging option.

For more information and inspiration on chandeliers for low ceiling rooms check out our 5 best Chandeliers post here. For all our ceiling fittings make sure you check out the product dimensions before buying to ensure that your chosen chandelier will fit in your room.

Marie-min Low ceiling look bigger

Table Lamps for small low ceiling rooms

Another option to give more light to small low ceiling rooms is the addition of accent lighting in particular table lamps. Well placed table lamps will create spots of light around the room, place in corners to give the illusion of more space. When choosing accent lighting for smaller rooms its best to choose slim styled lamps, lamps with a large base and shade will take up too much surface space, whilst a slimmer style gives off just the right amount of illumination without being over facing. Litecraft offer a range of slim crystal and glass table lamps in traditional and contemporary designs. When choosing lighting think about the finish, look at the finishes you already have in the room. Sleek chrome and steel finishes will work best whilst antique and stain brass finishes are more traditional, look at your sockets and switch finishes for guidance. 

octi-TL-min Low ceiling look bigger

Painting small low ceiling rooms

When choosing colour for your walls in a smaller room opt for light airy tones. Off whites, pastels and neutral tones will work best. For the ceiling we advise a glossy white finish. The gloss will reflect lighting and bounce it around the room making the ceiling appear higher and the room bigger. Your aim is to make the walls feel as thought they are receding as oppose to a closed in claustrophobic feeling. When choosing colour for the floor, walls and ceiling try to keep to relatively the same colour spectrum. Contrasting colours will make the room appear disjointed. Whereas an interior with similar colour tones will open up the room and make it feel more spacious. If you fancy a more bolder interior then a great idea is to paint horizontal striped of two neutral colours from the same colour family. This will elongate the room.

Make sure the stripes are the same width from top to bottom. If you vary the width of the stripe this can do the opposite effect and make the room appear smaller. A great look that is on trend at the moment is the interior ombre effect. This is a technique using a few tones of one colour. Then gradually changing the tone from deeper to a lighter tone. All colours should again be from the same colour spectrum.


This technique will lengthen the ceiling. Choose either a horizontal striped effect or a gradual smudge design. Either one will give the desired effect of a larger space, keep the same neutral or pastel shades. The best effect is to have the lighter shade at the top as this will then merge into the ceiling. If you want to introduce pattern try not to go too fussy as this will close in the room and make it feel smaller. A soft pattern with a little details will work fine but only choose one wall. A full room of pattern wallpaper will again create a claustrophobic feeling.

Choosing furniture & accessories for small low ceiling rooms

The main trick when introducing furniture and accessories to a room is to make sure you can see all corners of the room and carpet. Pull furniture away from walls and corners. Ideally contemporary see-through furniture is great for small and low ceiling homes. This is because it will lessen the impact that normal furniture can sometimes do. Stay away from heavy coloured and chunky styles pieces. Go for a softer colour and compliment with lighter toned soft furnishings such as cushions and throws. The lighter the room the larger it will feel.

Try no to clutter your rooms with too much furniture. Think about what is practical. What you will need as oppose to what you fancy. Storage is ideal for small spaces so think about shelving. Furniture that doubles up as storage is also ideal for small homes. Free standing furniture as oppose to built-in units will give the illusions of more space. So choose furniture and seating with exposed legs. A great trick to elongate a room is with mirrors, a large scale mirror across the length of one wall will immediately make a room appear bigger as well as making it brighter too.

This also includes mirrored wardrobes and cabinets. Mirrors create an open flow feeling, they will reflect light around the room creating an airy spacious appearance. Placing mirrors opposite windows is also a great trick to elongate a room. This gives the illusion of extra windows and more light.

For more help and inspiration check out our Pinterest Board on small low ceiling look bigger  here