Outdoor security lighting to transform your home

As the days get shorter and the nights roll in, transform your exterior with our varied range of outdoor porch and security lighting – a safe, stylish, and energy-efficient must-have for every homeowner over the coming Autumn and Winter seasons.

From driveways to wall lights, Litecraft has you covered to sufficiently illuminate your home, welcoming guests, improving visibility, preventing trip hazards, or driving hazards, and deterring any possible home intruders.

Stanley Tweed Outdoor Industrial LED slatted wall light- Black

Introducing our Stanley lighting range, giving high quality, durable fittings from an industry leading, respected, and recognised brand to your home’s designs. This outdoor industrial-style LED slatted wall light functions perfectly besides any doorway, patio, or porch areas. Not only looking modern and sleek with a black finish, this wall light provides optimum illumination, making your home easy to find by any guests visiting in the evening and providing a welcoming, warm first impression of your home from the outside. If you thought it couldn’t get any better, these outdoor fittings come with an IP54 Rating, allowing them to be used in any outdoor weather conditions, as well as preventing from any salt corrosion – ideal for homes along the coast.

Kenn Outdoor 2 Light Wall Light with PIR Sensor – Copper

Alternatively, opt for a more decorative lighting piece with this 2-light wall light, available in copper and anthracite, perfect for adding a trendy, modern look to your home. This stunning, ornate outdoor piece brings style to the exterior of your home while also bringing incredible functionality. With a clever PIR sensory system, the practical up and down light only turns on when motion is detected, creating a great security feature as well as an energy-saving addition to your lighting set up.

Now, what is a PIR Sensor? This smart technology is an electronic sensor that uses Infrared light to detect movement in its surrounding field of view, allowing the light to be turned on and off when this motion is picked up. This makes it perfect for nights away from home, giving you the peace of mind of knowing you have an added layer of security protecting your home from any potential intruders, as well as saving money from your energy bills by preventing from any unnecessary energy consumption. Moreover, the practical IP44 Rating allows the light to function at optimal capacity even in harsher weather conditions – come rain or shine, your home is safe.

Stanley Moritz Twin Outdoor 6 Watt LED Solar Powered Flood Light - Black

For homeowners who want an environmentally friendly, cost-effective addition to their home, our Stanley range also includes the twin outdoor solar powered flood light. With a strong and unwavering shine, this floodlight is ideal for acting as a security feature with the PIR sensor triggering with any movement and clearly illuminating the situation outside, whether that be any unwanted intruders or animal pests around your house.

Pro tip - Statistically, well-lit homes are less likely to be burglarised or vandalised. By installing outdoor security lighting, you could possibly help lower the premium on home-owner’s insurance.

Drive over lighting is the perfect way the light any pathways or driveways outside your home. Vital for car-owners these Terra drive over recessed outdoor lights make parking and positioning your car on dark nights easy. Not to mention they provide just the right amount of brightness to prevent tripping hazards and create a beautiful, warm, and welcoming pathway to your home, ideal for coming home in the evenings after a long day of work. Along with being stylish these lights are strong and durable, meaning these lights will stay in top condition through any rain, snow or bad weather that comes their way. -IP67

All our outdoor products listed here have an IP rating of IP44 or higher, meaning they are all reliable and safe to be placed outdoors. with the drive over light having an IP rating of 67 meaning it is extra durable and is protected against almost all solids and liquids.

Make sure your home is safe and secure this autumn and winter by installing outdoor lighting from our huge range of wall, driveway, security, and recessed lighting - sure to illuminate your home perfectly.

We hope this new Outdoor Home Security Lighting blog has taught you something new about outdoor lighting, and perhaps even inspired you to incorporate outdoor lighting in your home’s outdoor areas, for that extra level of style and security you don’t want to miss out on. For more blogs like this one, make sure to head to all of our social medias, where we keep our followers update on every fantastic new blog drop!